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How many of you started an­gling by tag­ging along with a par­ent or friend? I’d guess that would be the case for the vast ma­jor­ity of an­glers. What­ever fishing dis­ci­pline you got into at the start, be it sea, coarse or game, it’s safe to say that all an­glers need a help­ing hand to get a taste for the sport. You might branch out on your own later, join a club or spe­cialise in cer­tain ar­eas of the sport, say shore, boat or kayak, and make even more an­gling friends.

With that in mind, there’s some use­ful ad­vice in this is­sue about help­ing oth­ers get into our great sport of an­gling. There are some must-have tips in the Sea School sec­tion on tak­ing chil­dren out on boats, a use­ful teach-in from Eng­land shore an­gler Ge­orge Smith, who takes a work col­league on a smooth­hound ses­sion, plus su­perb help on cut­ting the cost of the sport.

Don’t for­get there are also plenty of top skip­pers out there for any­one who fan­cies a ses­sion on a char­ter boat. Dave Lewis is writ­ing about one user-friendly ex­am­ple, so check it out on page 60. Those who want to brush up their drift fishing skills, should take a look at the in-depth ad­vice from top an­gler Mike Thrus­sell on page 68. You’ll also find Mike writ­ing about how he found a friend for life through an­gling - see page 130. It’s a story that many can re­late to and re­ally emphasises the point I was mak­ing at the start of this col­umn.

Those who en­joy a bit of shore-based ad­ven­ture will rel­ish our fo­cus on two great rock fishing venues, with Dave Lewis climb­ing a fa­mous mark in South Wales (page 8) and Jansen Teakle tak­ing a mys­tery tour into the Purbecks (page 12).

That sense of ad­ven­ture is cer­tainly a key part of the craze of LRF, and one of our ex­perts, Jake Schogler, proves that it’s not all about teas­ing out tiny crit­ters. He may sur­prise you with ad­vice on how to use ul­tra-light gear for big­ger fish on page 22.

Of course, sur­prises are noth­ing new in an­gling, but did you know a house brick can im­prove your cast­ing? Our highly re­spected cast­ing guru John Holden re­veals why on page 48. It’s a sim­ple ex­pla­na­tion to learn­ing how to boost your dis­tance. John also gives his thought­ful anal­y­sis on the lat­est TG Rocket reel on page 98.

I’m sure many of you are aware that the catch and re­lease rul­ing on bass ends on June 30, so, if you want, you’ll be able to take one a day from July 1. For those who en­joy their bass fishing, it’s worth read­ing the ad­vice from our ex­perts Henry Gil­bey and Mike La­dle, start­ing on page 24.

We’ve also got another bass an­gler, Mike Handy­side, re­lat­ing the tri­als and tribu­la­tions of his cam­paign last year. I’m sure many can re­late to his ex­pe­ri­ences.

Chris Lown­des

Sun, sea and lots of fish More than 100 an­glers flocked to the shin­gle beaches of Cley and Kelling in May to fish the 4th North Nor­folk Bass Fes­ti­val. Not only was it a su­perbly or­gan­ised event with some good fishing, but the com­peti­tors were treated to glo­ri­ous weather. Full story on page 120. Pic­ture by

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