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46 Why some clever at­trac­tors boost bites.

WE ALL like to be well pre­pared for our fish­ing. Some of us take moun­tains of gear to the beach in a bid to cover ev­ery even­tu­al­ity. Oth­ers might start pre­par­ing their tackle weeks in ad­vance of a big trip or a com­pe­ti­tion, but there are al­ways the odd times you get caught out.

Maybe you for­got the heavy weights, ran out of shock­leader, or left your wa­ter­proofs at home. There is noth­ing more frus­trat­ing.

There is one sce­nario that catches out many an­glers on mul­ti­ple oc­ca­sions, and it is quite pos­si­bly one of the worst.

Watch­ing other peo­ple pull in fish while you strug­gle be­cause you don’t have quite the right rigs is re­ally dis­heart­en­ing. No mat­ter how hard you try, the fish don’t want to come near your baits. Your rigs might not be work­ing for a num­ber of rea­sons, such as be­ing too short, too heavy or too light.

I keep a few handy prod­ucts in my box of bits that can help res­cue in­ef­fec­tive rigs. The best thing about them is you can add them to your rigs on the beach. No dis­man­tling rigs or ty­ing knots, you sim­ply hook them on.

I’m sure a lot of you might have heard of Bone Bass gum at­trac­tors by now. These are lit­tle rub­ber at­trac­tors that glow un­like any­thing else. The ad­di­tion of these to you rigs can re­ally help you start get­ting bites.

With these meth­ods of us­ing hook­able at­trac­tors, you don’t need any­thing ex­tra on your hook­length to pre­vent them mov­ing around on a flap­ping rig.

How­ever, the Bone Bass Rub­ber Gums and Flot­ter Balls might ben­e­fit from a power-gum stop knot be­hind them for ex­tra se­cu­rity, es­pe­cially if you are go­ing to use them on a clipped-down rig to cast long dis­tances. Again, you don’t need to cut your rig apart though.

All of these are great to have stashed away in your box just in case the fish­ing gets tough, you no­tice some­one else catch­ing on them, or you just fancy a change. They can, more of­ten than not, turn around a fairly av­er­age ses­sion into a hec­tic fish-filled one with­out the need to start dis­man­tling rigs and ty­ing knots on the beach.

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