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Ideal when fish­ing snaggy ar­eas with soft lures. An off­set lure hook is the key to mak­ing this rig weed­less and the slid­ing cone weight and glass bead add noise.

You can fix the cone weight with float stops or by trap­ping the line in the weight with a cock­tail stick.

The lead weight will slide down the line faster than the trail­ing lure and when it hits the seabed the lure be­comes mo­men­tar­ily weight­less. When you re­trieve, the lure is drawn up against the weight and bead to cre­ate a click­ing noise. It’s a great tech­nique for hop­ping through weed or over the rocks and is deadly for wrasse and many other species.

6 The hook point is just be­neath the sur­face of the lure for a weed­less set-up.

5 Slide lure up hook shank un­til the eye is at the end. Check where hook will exit.

4 Hook the lure through the nose un­til the hook point and barb are vis­i­ble.

2 Thread on a bead. Glass beads tap­ping against the weight add noise to the rig.

1 Slide on a rub­ber float stop to set where weight slides. Thread on a cone weight.

3 Af­ter adding the bead, tie on an off­set hook and the ba­sic rig is ready for a lure.

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