Q: Do off­set hooks hold fish bet­ter and will I weaken a straight hook by off­set­ting it?

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PF says: Us­ing a hook where the curve and point are slightly off­set to the shank cer­tainly in­creases the chance of a suc­cess­ful hook-up.

If the hook is ly­ing flat with the point fac­ing up, it’s more likely to pen­e­trate the roof of the mouth; vice versa if point­ing down­wards and side­ways. A straight hook has more chance of be­ing thrown with­out stick­ing.

Some hooks are eas­ier to bend than oth­ers, while a car­bon pat­tern may break. I’ve ac­tu­ally off­set car­bon hooks with a pair of pliers but try not to overdo it or ap­ply too much pres­sure.

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