Q: I’m try­ing to catch a gurnard for my LRF species list. Can you rec­om­mend any suit­able lures?

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AK & DS say: As­sum­ing you know where there are gurnards present, catch­ing them on a lure shouldn’t be too much of a prob­lem. We have al­ways found them to be ag­gres­sive fish.

The tub gurnard is our most com­mon species on the South Coast and we tend to pick them up over sand on worm im­i­ta­tions, but I feel they’re ac­tively feed­ing on fish fry a lot of the time. Con­se­quently, met­als work well. Try to keep the jig work­ing the bot­tom me­tre of water and make many short pauses on the bot­tom.

I would pre­fer as­sist hooks rather than a tre­ble. A 2-3in pad­dle­tail skipped along the sand on a jig­head should work well too. Move­ment is key with this species.

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