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The gen­eral method used when fish­ing for coal­fish over a wreck or reef is to po­si­tion the boat up­tide of the area to be fished, then slowly drift back over it.

The an­gler drops his bait or lure down to the bot­tom, then slowly starts to re­trieve it. This tech­nique is par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive be­cause the shoals of coal­fish are of­ten lo­cated at var­i­ous heights within the water col­umn, and it is es­sen­tial to de­ter­mine at which height they are feed­ing. Count­ing the num­ber of turns of the reel han­dle to the strike zone can help max­imise re­sults.

Bites are usu­ally in­di­cated by a del­i­cate pluck­ing and pulling at the tail of the lure, and it is es­sen­tial that when you feel this, you main­tain ex­actly the same rate of re­trieve, and re­sist the urge to strike. Keep wind­ing and, even­tu­ally, the fish will en­gulf the lure and dive for the bot­tom, at which point you set the hook by lift­ing the rod, and hope that you have cor­rectly set the clutch!

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