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Carp an­glers swear by this item for scar­ing wild­fowl away from their baited spots – even in day­light. So, how could it work for sea an­glers, I hear you shout? Well, have you ever been up­tid­ing for tope with whole mack­erel or flap­per baits and had the mis­for­tune of gulls con­tin­u­ally pick­ing them up when you cast? Then this could be the an­swer. It pow­ers out a strong red beam (don’t worry, it doesn’t cause any harm to wildlife) that birds don’t like and they quickly leave the area you’re fish­ing. Comes sup­plied with recharge­able bat­tery, USB cable and in-car charg­ing socket. ■ Sold through Merkko LED Light­ing Ltd, web: www.merkkoled­light­ing.co.uk

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