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When fish­ing from the shore, it’s vi­tally im­por­tant to use a shock­leader. This en­ables you to cast quite hard with­out the fear of your main­line snap­ping mid-cast and hurtling your baited rig down the beach. The rule of thumb is: for ev­ery ounce of lead weight you use, you must use at least 10lb of shock­leader. If you use a 5oz sinker, add a 50lb shock­leader; 6oz for 60lb, and so on.

The amount of shock­leader you use is gen­er­ally the length of your rod plus six turns around the reel spool.


Tie a fig­ure-of-eight knot near the end of your cho­sen break­ing strain of shock­leader.


Thread end of main­line through knot in the leader, pull line through and tighten knot.


Take line five times round leader, then form a loop and pass five times in­side loop.


Pull on main­line to tighten the knot so it is ready to se­cure against knot in shock­leader.


Mois­ten with saliva and ease the knot in main­line so it butts against leader knot.


Us­ing a pair of sharp scis­sors, trim off the tag ends of the main­line and shock­leader.

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