The next 50% crash is com­ing

Here’s a good way to avoid the next down­turn and beat the FTSE


It’s easy to for­get, but huge mar­ket crashes hap­pen with alarm­ing fre­quency. In only the last 15 years there have been two crashes of 50%. First the dot­com bust of 2000-03. And then the fi­nan­cial cri­sisof 2007-09. Both times your stock mar­ket in­vest­ments would have been cut in half. Could you cope with the next po­ten­tial 50% drop in your in­vest­ments? Smart in­vestors are get­ting ner­vous again, so you need to be pre­pared. Ray Dalio, the founder of the big­gest hedge fund group in the world, has just an­nounced he’s pulling back from the mar­kets be­cause of po­lit­i­cal in­sta­bil­ity. Think Trump, North Korea, Putin, the Mid­dle East. Other big fi­nan­cial play­ers think the mar­kets are way too high be­cause of what cen­tral banks have been do­ing. Stock mar­kets have dou­bled since 2009, mainly thanks to QE and low in­ter­est rates. No-one knows how this will end. Things are very pre­car­i­ous. So how can you pro­tect your­self from a po­ten­tial 50% drop in the mar­kets, whilst still mak­ing good prof­its? One ex­tremely ef­fec­tive method is trend in­vest­ing. Com­pared to the ‘buy and hold’ ap­proach that many in­vestors use, this is a more ac­tive ap­proach to in­vest­ing. In­stead of ig­nor­ing the ups and downs of the mar­ket, you de­lib­er­ately re­spond to them. The prin­ci­ple is sim­ple: any mar­ket trend – whether up or down – is likely to keep go­ing in the same di­rec­tion. Ris­ing prices tend to keep ris­ing, and fall­ing prices tend to keep fall­ing. This is known as the ‘mo­men­tum ef­fect’, and is a well-re­searched phe­nom­e­non. As a trend in­vestor, you buy into up­trends and get out of down­trends. That way you can make prof­its, and avoid wealth de­stroy­ing crashes. Per­fect for dif­fi­cult in­vest­ing times, like now. Ob­vi­ously you need an ef­fec­tive method for spot­ting emerg­ing trends. This is what we of­fer here at Sal­ty­dog In­vestor. We pro­vide an easy-to-use trend in­vest­ing method, based on data and charts up­dated weekly. You can ap­ply the data your­self, or sim­ply copy our mar­ket-beat­ing port­fo­lio.

It’s very straight­for­ward and suc­cess­ful. We’ve been run­ning for seven years, and have con­sis­tently beaten the mar­ket. “It’s easy to un­der­stand and lets you know the sec­tors which are do­ing well at present. I’m up 25% in 18 months… It’s worth ev­ery penny.” David Moody Try out our 2-month free trial, with no obli­ga­tion what­so­ever. Just go to: www.salty­dogin­


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