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Shooting Gazette - - Shoot brief­ing - by John Walker

it takes a mind of great flex­i­bil­ity to em­brace bishop gregory of tours, harold macmil­lan, theresa may and michael gove in the same sen­tence. Soon af­ter the general elec­tion, i en­joyed a restora­tive ale with a neigh­bour, a man who farms well in a mod­est way, reads widely, shoots like a god and has a wife and bright chil­dren who could all fea­ture as mod­els in Vogue. he is blessed in ev­ery re­gard, yet i found him in con­tem­pla­tive mood and he was not long in telling me why.

“in the 6th cen­tury, bishop gregory be­gan writ­ing his his­tory of the world with the words that many things keep hap­pen­ing, some good, some bad. in the 20th cen­tury, when asked what was most likely to blow gov­ern­ments off course, prime min­is­ter, harold macmil­lan, pro­duced the clas­sic re­sponse that it was events and my view is that the events that al­lowed our in­cum­bent leader to flush, un­forced, a work­able ma­jor­ity down the gur­gler were the re­sult of hubris, bad ad­vice and mostly self-in­flicted. now ev­ery ide­al­ist un­der the age of 25, many driven by sim­i­larly bi­ased self-in­ter­ests to those older and in power, think they know best. it’s lu­nacy.”

with Labour’s promise to wipe away £40,000 stu­dent loans and their mo­bil­i­sa­tion of those same young, the re­sult was pre­dictable. the older elec­torate with long mem­o­ries favoured the con­ser­va­tives, while re­gret­tably the ideal­is­tic my­opic youth ap­peared nei­ther old enough, nor well enough read, to re­mem­ber or take warn­ing from the sham­bles presided over by fi­nan­cially il­lit­er­ate Labour regimes over pre­vi­ous decades.

as my neigh­bour said; “forty per cent of the newly elected house sup­port shoot­ing, but gove is the fifth boss of De­fra in seven years and you can write what he knows about glyphosate and neon­i­coti­noids on the back of a postage stamp. the young should stop to con­sider that since pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions were blessed with the largesse of free univer­sity ed­u­ca­tion, the world has moved on its fi­nan­cial axis fu­elled by bor­row­ing. ide­al­ism does not al­ways re­sult in wise ac­tions, the young blame the old for brexit and ev­ery­thing else and now re­gard pol­i­tics as trans­ac­tional. basc urges shoot­ers to share their con­vic­tions; well, my con­vic­tion is that the next promised land is much like the last and marx­ism has no place in this coun­try.” and i had to agree.

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