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Shooting Gazette - - The re­view - Bill Elderkin

This is a com­pet­i­tive sec­tor in the gun mar­ket, with the likes of Brown­ing, Beretta and Cae­sar Guerini all pro­duc­ing light­weight 12 bore vari­ants of their guns. Many sports­men like the idea of stick­ing with a 12 bore but need some­thing that bit lighter as age creeps in, or for those long days of rough or walked-up shoot­ing. It is also a pop­u­lar choice for ladies and younger shoot­ers – though it does come with its own set of is­sues.

As with any light­weight 12 bore, the bal­ance of the gun is bi­ased to­wards the bar­rels and though you might want one gun to take on all tar­gets, the Ul­tra­light is only avail­able with 28” or 26” bar­rels and 2¾” cham­bers. Longer bar­rels would cer­tainly up­set the bal­ance of the gun, and shoot­ing heav­ier car­tridges would be, for me, some­thing of an er­ror if you wish to avoid se­ri­ous re­coil.

The Ul­tra­light Gold is a bit like go­ing for a Grade 3 over a Grade 1 with Beretta’s stan­dard guns – you get vis­ual up­grades in­clud­ing higher-qual­ity wood, more en­grav­ing, gold in­lays and an in­laid sil­ver oval on the stock for en­grav­ing one’s ini­tials. Con­sid­er­ing the small price dif­fer­ence, I would say the up­grade is well worth it.

These light­weight al­loy guns re­ally aren’t any­thing new – my first gun was a Franchi Fal­conette and that was an al­loy gun. My fa­ther bought it for me; he was very crafty, and asked me to check it for size for a cus­tomer. I for­got all about it and then on Christ­mas Day there was this box un­der the tree. I think I would have been 14 and

I can re­mem­ber the Box­ing Day shoot the next day – I couldn’t wait to get out and pull the trig­ger. I hardly slept that night, quite a con­trast to Christ­mas Eve when I watched More­cambe and Wise be­fore head­ing off to bed.

The only dif­fi­culty you should have with this gun is se­lect­ing the right car­tridge so it does the busi­ness at the muz­zle end and not at the other.

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