My dream team

Man­ager and in­struc­tor at Lady’s Wood Shoot­ing School.

Shooting Gazette - - Shoot Briefing - By Chris Hanks

W e would have to shoot at per­ry­stone in Here­ford­shire, the es­tate that I grew up on and where my fa­ther is still head­keeper to­day after 34 sea­sons at the helm. We’d start at Ja­cobs Lad­der, move onto Lawns and ben­nets 2. For lunch would have to be Hen­ri­etta’s fa­mous par­tridge tagli­atelle and we would fin­ish with the bracken bank (I would be on peg No.2). the team would have to be made up of fam­ily and friends and first on the list is Adrian Hanks, not only is he my dad and an ex­cel­lent head­keeper but he is also one of my best friends. I have learnt a lot from him and to top it off he’s not a bad shot ei­ther.

Tim Hanks, my younger brother, is a butcher by trade and good with a ri­fle. I had to square up his shot­gun shoot­ing a few sea­sons ago on the tower at Lady’s Wood and he hasn’t looked back since. Next is

Mike Eldridge, we have been best friends for nearly 20 years, best man at each other’s wed­ding and a fa­tal lamp­ing buddy whilst he was keeper­ing. Bert Hanks, my grand­fa­ther, who gave me my first shot­gun, is sadly no longer with us, and it would be a dream to share a day in the field with him again.

Ernie Hem­mings, the pro­pri­etor at Lady’s Wood, and owner of the syn­di­cate that I have keep­ered for 10 years now. He is not just a good boss he is a very good friend as well. A real high bird fan and can knock down archangels with his 34” per­azzi all day long.

Robert Everitt tells a great tale, shoots well and can hope­fully bring some ‘sam­ples’ of Hull Car­tridge’s finest for us all to use.

Robert Chip­per­field, a long-time fam­ily friend who has been so gen­er­ous to me in the past. He is a deadly shot at par­tridge with a side-by-side in his na­tive east Anglia. As it’s a dream team it would be amaz­ing if I could shoot with my wife Lau­rie and daugh­ter Maisie (she’s only four). I’m not sure Lau­rie will ever pick up a gun but maisie is al­ready keen and I have my eye on a .410 for her when she is old enough.

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