The Blue Rock pi­geon

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The type of pi­geon used in live pi­geon shoot­ing was the va­ri­ety known as the Blue Rock pi­geon. The best va­ri­ety was known as the Lin­colnshire Tin Blue Rock. They were fed in Lin­colnshire by farm­ers in the win­ter­time who also built dove­cots for them. Other Blue Rocks were bred in Ox­ford­shire specif­i­cally for the pur­pose of live pi­geon shoot­ing.

A great many Blue Rocks were also bred in An­twerp for use in the Con­ti­nent and W.W. Greener, writ­ing in his book The Gun And its

De­vel­op­ment, 1884 edition, stated with just a hint of jin­go­ism: “They pos­sess none of that game­ness pe­cu­liar to the English bird”.

At some of the large and per­ma­nent live pi­geon grounds, such as at Monaco, large dove­cotes were erected and many birds were bred at the grounds to save on trans­porta­tion costs. All four sides of the traps were hinged so that upon the cord be­ing pulled, the trap col­lapsed en­tirely leav­ing the pi­geon in the open. Of course the pi­geon could then fly off in any di­rec­tion com­pared to clay pi­geon shoot­ing – one fac­tor in its pop­u­lar­ity. It was im­por­tant that pi­geons in­tended for trap shoot­ing should not be­come used to be­ing han­dled to keep them wild and at all the clubs there were strin­gent rules in force against any mis­treat­ment of birds.

The Blue Rock pi­geon.

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