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So is the HSX a true all-rounder? It does pos­sess suf­fi­cient class to take out on a game day — there is noth­ing about this gun that would cause em­bar­rass­ment. It is not a high-end piece of kit by any means, but you are not pay­ing that sort of money for it ei­ther. It is clearly com­pe­tent on the clay ground and you could cer­tainly take it on a morn­ing’s round on the Sport­ing set-up with­out a prob­lem. I don’t think you would be giv­ing too much away to any­one with fancier guns, but it would be a great gun to start out with and could be your best friend for years.

Would it work as a rough shoot/pi­geon gun? With­out a doubt. The 3in cham­bers and steel proof wouldn’t hold back your car­tridge choice for non-toxic, though at 30in bar­rels with ex­ter­nal chokes, the over­all length of 48¼in is start­ing to get a touch long for a pi­geon hide. I have come across semi-au­tos that are longer still and peo­ple use them in hides, though you don’t break a semi-auto. It is not so heavy as to be a chore to carry around a rough shoot, yet it pos­sesses enough mass to ab­sorb the re­coil of use on clays. It has suf­fi­cient stature to be used on a game shoot, yet is ba­sic enough to be used on pi­geons with­out too much fear of ex­pen­sive da­m­age. Over­all, it does seem to fit most bills re­spectably well.

It will be in­ter­est­ing to see how well the HSX sells but it pretty much ticks ev­ery box. Ac­tion/bar­rels Stock

Tech­ni­cally ad­vanced, every­thing fin­ished well. Clever use of new con­cepts. A good piece of wood has been used on this gun, of de­cent length and with good drop and cast. It would def­i­nitely ben­e­fit from a broader sec­tion in the hand, but other­wise the pro­por­tions are great. The me­chan­ics of it are sim­ple, made well enough to last, if a lit­tle rudi­men­tary in use. It just lacks a bit of feel and slick mo­tion. A de­cent break when it fi­nally comes, just some­thing to get used to. The safety and se­lec­tor are good, though, and the ad­justable trig­ger is an ad­van­tage. Try­ing to fit ev­ery task is al­ways go­ing to show up com­pro­mises. It shot well on clays with lighter loads. Not the light­est game gun to cart around a shoot, but won’t leave you aching from the re­coil of heav­ier loads ei­ther. You have to take this at its price bracket range and try not to com­pare with higher-grade guns. For what you are ac­tu­ally pay­ing and what you are get­ting, you have to give it more than a sec­ond look. Lin­coln has made a pretty de­cent job of fill­ing the boots of each task set for this gun.

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