Field tri­als: are they ever can­celled due to weather?

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I have at­tended a few field tri­als and on one oc­ca­sion the weather was ex­tremely bad and the trial, which was a spaniel cham­pi­onship in the north, had to be sus­pended for some time as the rain was hor­i­zon­tal and no one could face it. I was amazed that ev­ery­one just car­ried on when the storm abated slightly and though the dogs and han­dlers were ex­tremely wet and cold, it did not seem to af­fect the stan­dard of work. Do tri­als ever get can­celled be­cause of wet weather?

The field trial fra­ter­nity are mostly a hardy lot of en­thu­si­asts and will en­dure the very worst that the el­e­ments can throw at them. I have been at a spaniel trial on rab­bits when tor­ren­tial rain all day re­sulted in the judges’ books

82 • SHOOT­ING TIMES & COUN­TRY MAG­A­ZINE dis­in­te­grat­ing com­pletely and the awards were done on mem­ory alone — not a sat­is­fac­tory nor fair out­come. The ad­vent of wa­ter­proof pa­per has stopped that hap­pen­ing. When tri­als have been can­celled it is usu­ally at the re­quest of the host or his keeper and gen­er­ally hap­pens be­fore the trial has be­gun. Pheas­ants will not stay out in wet sugar beet fields and tramp­ing through fields of roots in heavy rain look­ing for game that has long since left the area is not pro­duc­tive, en­joyable or safe.

I once had the plea­sure of work­ing my spaniel in line at a re­triever trial fol­low­ing a day of tor­ren­tial rain. It was a bright sunny morn­ing and the game was in abun­dance, but it was all on the head­lands dry­ing off af­ter the night’s storm — noth­ing was hid­ing in the roots. There are times when aban­don­ment through ex­treme wet weather is nec­es­sary, but it doesn’t hap­pen very of­ten. PR

The field trial fra­ter­nity are a hardy and re­silient lot

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