When fer­rets go AWOL

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I have just re­turned home af­ter a dis­as­trous day’s ferreting. My fer­ret shed its col­lar and went AWOL for a few hours. Later on, we saw some rab­bits bolt from fur­ther down the hedge and went to look. Luck­ily, my fer­ret was in the hedge bot­tom, but it was a close call. How do I stop my fer­ret from slip­ping out of its col­lar?

I am sorry you have had such an un­for­tu­nate and stress­ful ex­pe­ri­ence of ferreting. Over the years I have had that hor­ri­ble feel­ing when your fer­ret sur­faces and you in­stantly no­tice that its black leather lo­ca­tor col­lar is miss­ing.

How can you avoid this? The first thing is to en­sure the col­lar is fit­ted cor­rectly and com­fort­ably. I have al­ways ad­vo­cated that in ev­ery fer­ret col­lar the owner should make new holes, prac­tise fit­ting them and, of course, en­sure on the day that, if us­ing purse-nets, the fer­rets don’t strug­gle with the meshes of the net and in­ad­ver­tently pull the col­lar off. This is what used to hap­pen to me.

Un­for­tu­nately, some fer­rets at dif­fer­ent times of the year have necks that don’t ex­actly lend them­selves to keep­ing a col­lar on, which doesn’t help, but with prac­tice and adapt­able col­lars it is man­age­able. SW

Make sure that your fer­ret’s col­lar fits cor­rectly and com­fort­ably

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