Why you must get off on the right foot

His pupil has de­vel­oped a good stance and con­sis­tent gun-mount. Now it is time to con­cen­trate on foot­work, says Tom Payne

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Pa­trick’s con­sis­tency is be­gin­ning to fall into place. That is not to say he is hit­ting every­thing, but his gun-mount has come on leaps and bounds, he doesn’t think about his eyes any more and he is en­joy­ing his new gun. Pa­trick is de­vel­op­ing a good struc­ture in the way he shoots and the way he ap­proaches his shots, and when it goes wrong he doesn’t re­vert to type as he did so much at the start.

At this stage, those of you who have been fol­low­ing this series are prob­a­bly won­der­ing why I’m yet to talk about the im­por­tance of foot­work when try­ing to shoot game con­sis­tently. The sim­ple rea­son is that un­til you have a con­sis­tent plat­form to shoot from — by this I mean a good stance and con­sis­tent gun-mount — in­tro­duc­ing foot­work for dif­fer­ent heights and an­gles of birds can lead to the wheels fall­ing off as style and tech­nique start to dis­ap­pear.

Old habits

At the start of this process, Pa­trick was sus­cep­ti­ble to re­vert­ing to type; to stop him go­ing back to old habits, I have made sure that we have re­ally nailed the ba­sics, which will make it eas­ier for him to start to use his feet to his ben­e­fit.

So far, we’ve worked on a good ba­sic stance for the var­i­ous an­gles of a stan­dard driven pheas­ant tower. The height has been chal­leng­ing but noth­ing ridicu­lous, to en­sure that the height, speed and an­gle were re­al­is­tic for the shooter.

Pa­trick is tall and slim and so doesn’t need to stand too square ini­tially; in many cases the slimmer you are, the closer you will tend to keep your feet. It’s a lot to do with body dy­nam­ics. If your stance is closer to­gether you only have to make small ad­just­ments to al­low your body to max­imise its full move­ment for

Gen­er­ally, the slimmer you are, the closer you will tend to keep your feet

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