Sew a whole al­pha­bet of Jes­sica Entwistle’s retro let­ter keyrings for quick per­son­alised gifts.

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Denim scraps: to fit your tem­plate twice

Felt: red, to fit your tem­plate twice Bon­daweb: to fit your tem­plate twice

Denim rib­bon: 8cm (3in)

Split ring

Pen­cil/erasable pen

Match­ing thread

Ba­sic sewing kit


You will find the al­pha­bet tem­plates needed to make this project on the pull-out pat­tern sheet pro­vided.


Step one En­large your cho­sen let­ter tem­plate to the size you want us­ing a pho­to­copier and print out two copies.

Step two Pin one tem­plate to the felt and cut out one let­ter. Flip the tem­plate over and cut an­other so it’s the mir­ror im­age of the first. Step three Take the other tem­plate and cut away the outer black let­ter line to leave the white line out­lin­ing the black let­ter in­side. This is for the denim fab­ric.

Step four Cut two pieces of denim, each just 2cm ( in) big­ger than the tem­plate, then press Bon­daweb onto the wrong side (WS) of each of the pieces.

Step five Us­ing the trimmed denim tem­plate, draw around it on to the Bon­daweb on one denim piece. Flip the tem­plate and draw around it onto the Bon­daweb on the other denim piece.


Step one Peel the pa­per back­ing off the Bon­daweb and press both of the denim let­ters onto the two felt let­ters (so you have a pair of mir­ror im­age felt backed denim let­ters). Make sure the iron isn’t too hot or it could melt the felt – us­ing a cloth un­der your iron will help. Step two Thread your ma­chine with white thread in the top and dark blue in the bob­bin. Step three Sew roughly around the let­ters out­line twice on each piece.


Step one Place the two let­ter shapes with felt sides fac­ing.

Step two Fold the denim rib­bon in half to make a loop and place the two ends so that they are sand­wiched be­tween the front and back pieces of your let­ter at one top cor­ner. Pin this into place.


Step one Thread your ma­chine with red thread in the top and bob­bin.

Step two Start­ing at the top where your rib­bon is pinned, care­fully sew the let­ter to­gether all the way around through the felt, just out­side the denim fab­ric.

Step three Snip off the threads and slide a split ring onto your rib­bon, and you’re done!

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