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Main fab­ric: 58x58cm (23x23in) Con­trast fab­ric: 50x50cm (20x20in)

Erasable fab­ric marker

Ba­sic sewing kit


The fab­rics used are from Han­tex Li­nens. Nat­u­ral Spots, Ash Grey. Ref: LT101-7; Ash Grey Spots, Nat­u­ral. Ref: LT126-7; Nat­u­ral Solid. Ref: LT511. For stock­ists visit www. han­


Use a 1cm ("⁄#in) seam al­lowance.


Step one Turn the edges of the main fab­ric piece un­der by 1cm ("⁄#in) to the wrong side (WS) all the way around and press.

Step two Now, turn all the edges over by 3cm (1¼in) to the WS and press in place all the way around. The cor­ners will be folded over each other as you press the sides un­der.

Step three Work­ing on just one cor­ner; open out the fab­ric so that just the first 3cm (1¼in) crease is un­folded.


Step one Mea­sure 6cm (2½in) up from the cor­ner along the folded edge and mark this po­si­tion with an erasable marker just on the edge of the fab­ric.

Step two Mea­sure and mark 6cm (2½in) again from the cor­ner along the side.

Step three Draw a line be­tween these two marks to join them up across the fab­ric and the folds.

Step four Fold the cor­ner in half di­ag­o­nally so it is right sides (RS) to­gether and match­ing up the marks on each side. Pin it to­gether along the marked line.

Step five Sew along your marked line, re­mem­ber­ing to re­verse stitch at each end to se­cure the seam.

Step six Trim the cor­ner fab­ric off 5mm (¼in) out­side your stitched line. This re­duces bulk at the cor­ner and you’ll get a neater fin­ish when it’s tunred RS out.


Step one Turn the cor­ner RS out and push the point out care­fully so it forms a nice point, but take care not to pierce the fab­ric. It’s best not to use the point of scis­sors for this. You can use a point turner, or the end of a nar­row paint­brush is ideal.

Step two Press the cor­ner flat so that you have a neat mitred cor­ner.

Step three Re­peat this to mitre the other three cor­ners in the same way.


Step one Place your con­trast fab­ric WS to­gether with the mitred main fab­ric, slip­ping the con­trast fab­ric un­der the mitred bor­der so the bor­der sits RS up on top of it. You may find you need to trim a lit­tle off the edge of the con­trast fab­ric for a neat fit.

Step two Top­stitch the edge of the mitred bor­der to the con­trast fab­ric close to the edge all the way around.

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