Bread bas­ket

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Outer fab­ric: 34x34cm (13!⁄"x13!⁄"in) Lin­ing fab­ric: 34x34cm (13!⁄"x13!⁄"in) Stranded cot­ton

Mount board: white, 25x50cm (10x20in)

Four 10mm (!⁄"in) snap fas­ten­ers: an­tique brass

Ba­sic sewing kit


The fab­rics used are from Han­tex Li­nens.

Outer fab­ric: Ash Grey Spots, Nat­u­ral Ref: LT126-7.

Lin­ing fab­ric: Nat­u­ral Solid. Ref: LT511. For stock­ists visit www.han­


Use a 1cm (!⁄"in) seam al­lowance. You will find the embroidery tem­plates on pull-out pat­tern sheet pro­vided with this is­sue.


Step one In order to place your embroidery cor­rectly on the fab­ric, it’s best to mark lines on the outer fab­ric to in­di­cate the edges of the sides and base. Us­ing an erasable marker, draw a ver­ti­cal line all the way down the fab­ric 7cm (2¾in) in from the left-hand side, then an­other ver­ti­cal line 7cm (2¾in) in from the edge of the right-hand side.

Step two Turn your fab­ric around by 90° and re­peat this ex­actly, mark­ing an­other two lines 7cm (2¾in) in from ei­ther side to make a grid.


Step one You can stitch a word in the centre of each outer side or just one side if you pre­fer. Each word needs to be placed cen­trally across the marked sec­tion as these are the sides of the bread bas­ket.

Step two Trace the word from the pull-out pat­tern sheet or draw or print out your own. Step three It’s im­por­tant that the word faces the right way, so place your tacked outer fab­ric right sides (RS) up and place the traced word un­der­neath so that it lies cen­trally in one side sec­tion be­tween the two tacked lines. Re­fer to the im­age to see in which di­rec­tion the words need to face. Trace over the word in pen­cil. Step four If you want to em­broi­der on all four sides, then re­peat this by turn­ing the fab­ric around by 90°and trac­ing it in the centre of a side sec­tion again. You can use the same word on each side or em­broi­der dif­fer­ent words as we have done.

Step five Us­ing six strands of stranded cot­ton, work chain stitch ex­actly on top of the traced lines un­til you have com­pleted stitching over all your traced lines.


Step one Turn one side of the fab­ric un­der by 1cm (!⁄"in) and press.

Step two Re­peat by turn­ing one edge un­der on the lin­ing fab­ric.

Step three Place the outer and lin­ing fab­rics RS to­gether, mak­ing sure the turned-over edges are touch­ing, and stitch to­gether around the three sides that aren’t turned over.

Step four Turn the fab­ric RS out and press.


Step one Cut the mount board pieces out to the fol­low­ing mea­sure­ments (these will be used to give your bread bas­ket struc­ture): Base: 19.5x19.5cm (7¾x7¾in).

Sides: Four pieces 19.5x5.5cm (7¾2¼in).

Step two With the open ends of the fab­ric fac­ing to­wards you, stitch the two ver­ti­cal lines by stitching through both lay­ers of fab­ric, us­ing the marked lines to help you keep your stitching straight.

Step three Slip one side mount board piece be­tween the stitched lines so it sits at the op­po­site end of the joined fab­ric.

Step four Stitch the hor­i­zon­tal line across the top to hold the mount board in place. You’ll find it eas­ier if you use a zip foot in your ma­chine here, swing­ing the nee­dle over to the tacked line so the foot doesn’t sit on top of the mount board.

Step five Slip the two side pieces and then the base piece in.

Step six Stitch along the hor­i­zon­tal line to hold these in place.

Step seven Fi­nally, slip the top side piece of card in and then slip stitch the open sides closed to hold this in place.


Step one To fin­ish off, punch a snap fas­tener on each cor­ner close to the mount board side edges fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Make sure you punch the cor­re­spond­ing half op­po­site to it so they match up when they are pressed closed.

Step two Press the snap fas­ten­ers to­gether to close each cor­ner.

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