Make a pleated tote bag

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Main fab­ric: 45x112cm (18x44in) Con­trast fab­ric: 25x70cm (10x28in) Lin­ing fab­ric: 45x112cm (18x44in) Web­bing for han­dles: 4x130cm (1$⁄"x52in)

Ba­sic sewing kit


You will find the pleat­ing di­a­gram on page 96.

Use a 1.5cm ($⁄"in) seam al­lowance un­less oth­er­wise stated.

Use the pleat­ing tech­niques and tips from the pre­vi­ous page.


Step one Cut the fab­ric as fol­lows:

Main fab­ric: two pieces 41x49cm (16!⁄"x19#⁄"in) each.

Con­trast fab­ric: four pieces 11x33cm (4#⁄"x13in) each.

Lin­ing fab­ric: two pieces 41x49cm (16!⁄"x19#⁄"in) each.


Step one Place one main fab­ric piece right sides (RS) up. Mea­sure and mark the place­ment (solid) and fold (dot­ted) lines on the di­a­gram on the long top edge. Step two Fold and press the inverted pleat in the centre and the knife pleats ei­ther side and tack.

Step three Re­peat this process to pleat the back.


Step one Stitch a con­trast top strip RS to­gether across the top of the pleated bag front then the back.

Step two Place the out­ers RS to­gether, match­ing seams. Stitch to­gether around the sides and bot­tom. Step three In each of the bot­tom two cor­ners, draw and cut out a 5x5cm (2x2in) square.

Step four At one cor­ner, bring the side and bot­tom seams RS fac­ing and stitch to­gether then trim.

Step five Re­peat this in the other cor­ner of the bag. Step six Gather the top edge of the bag lin­ing pieces so they're the same length as the con­trast top strip. Ad­just the gath­ers then stitch in place to the con­trast top strip with RS to­gether.

Step seven Stitch the lin­ing pieces RS to­gether as for the bag outer but leav­ing a turn­ing gap in the centre of one side. Box the cor­ners as for the outer.


Step one Tack the short edges of half the web­bing RS to­gether to the top of the bag outer, match­ing raw edges and 5cm (2in) from the side seams.

Step two Re­peat on the other side.

Step three Place the lin­ing in­side the outer so they are RS to­gether and match all seams.

Step four Stitch to­gether around the top edge.

Step five Turn the bag RS out through the turn­ing gap in the lin­ing then slip stitch the gap closed.

Step six Push the lin­ing in­side the outer. Top­stitch around the top edge to neaten and hold in place.

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