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A great multi-pur­pose nee­dle which can be used for woven fab­rics and has a slightly rounded point for stitching knit fab­rics, too.

This nee­dle has a more rounded point than the univer­sal nee­dle so you won’t get snags, lad­ders or holes. Per­fect for knit fab­rics.

A strong nee­dle, ideal for stitching sev­eral lay­ers of fab­ric or tightly woven fab­rics like den­ims.

With a sharp point, these are for sewing very fine and del­i­cate fab­rics and neat but­ton­holes.

There are many di er­ent nee­dle types and they vary by the shape of the point, eye and shaft thick­ness. Choose the cor­rect one for smooth stitching.

This nee­dle’s wedge-shaped cut­ting point is used to work strong seams on non-woven fab­rics like leather, suede and vinyl.

De­signed for sewing two-way stretch knits such as ly­cra and silk jer­sey. It pre­vents skipped stitches on fine knit fab­rics.

This will pierce mul­ti­ple lay­ers whilst keep­ing straight stitches so it is ideal for patch­work and ma­chine quilt­ing.

This has an ex­tra-sharp point and eye, so thicker topstitching thread can be used. It’s per­fect for straight stitching with thicker threads on any type of fab­ric.

Used for par­al­lel rows of stitching such as pin­tucks and hems.

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