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ONCE YOU HAVE FIN­ISHED stitching your seam, it’s best to press it open on the wrong side so it lies flat. Some­times it’s bet­ter to press it to one side to re­duce bulk but the pat­tern in­struc­tions will tell you this.

Usu­ally the seam al­lowances are left as they are as they help to strengthen the seam, but some­times they cause too much bulk so they are trimmed to half their orig­i­nal width.

If your fab­ric has a ten­dency to fray you should neaten the raw edges after you have worked the seam. There are sev­eral ways of do­ing this. To ma­chine-fin­ish them, set your sewing ma­chine to the zigzag stitch then stitch close to the raw edge all the way along. The zigzag must be small enough to stop the fab­ric from fray­ing but large enough to en­close the bulk of the fab­ric. Prac­tise a few lengths and widths be­fore you be­gin. Al­ter­na­tively, you can trim the raw fab­ric edges with a pair of pink­ing shears. If you have an over­locker then you can stitch, cut and fin­ish the seams all in one process.

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