Chel­tenham Sci­ence Fes­ti­val 2017

Var­i­ous lo­ca­tions, 6-11 June 2017

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The Chel­tenham Sci­ence Fes­ti­val re­turns with a packed pro­gramme of events and, as al­ways, there is much to please those cu­ri­ous about the mys­ter­ies of the Uni­verse.

Dara Ó Bri­ain hosts an evening about the dis­cov­ery of Prox­ima b, an ex­o­planet in the near­est star sys­tem to our own. Could the planet host life? Might we one day be able to travel there? An­swer­ing these ques­tions and more are Prox­ima b dis­cov­erer Guillem Anglada-Es­cudé, as­tro­bi­ol­o­gist Louisa Pre­ston and plan­e­tary sci­en­tist An­drew Coates.

Physi­cist and co­me­dian Lieven Sheire ex­plores the Drake Equa­tion, the cal­cu­la­tion that states the prob­a­bil­ity of other tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced civil­i­sa­tions ex­ist­ing in our Galaxy. And what if our own Uni­verse was just one of an in­fi­nite num­ber that ex­ist side by side? Physi­cist Jim Al-Khalili joins cos­mol­o­gist An­drew Pontzen for a lively de­bate pos­ing the ques­tion ‘Do we ex­ist in a mul­ti­verse?’

But this year’s fes­ti­val isn’t all the­ory: mem­bers of Cotswold As­tro­nom­i­cal So­ci­ety will be host­ing a free pub­lic stargaz­ing event at Chel­tenham’s Im­pe­rial Gar­dens. Ex­pe­ri­enced as­tronomers will be bring­ing their tele­scopes along, of­fer­ing the pub­lic a chance to ob­serve the night sky and, weather per­mit­ting, per­haps catch a glimpse of Saturn and Jupiter.


The 2017 Chel­tenham Sci­ence Fes­ti­val line-up prom­ises fun for all the fam­ily

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