Dusty ring field

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ATA­CAMA LARGE MILLIMETER/ SUBMILLIMETER AR­RAY, 3 APRIL 2017 Millimeter-sized dust grains in the disc sur­round­ing young star HD 169142 were de­tected by ESO’s ALMA tele­scope to cap­ture this strik­ing im­age. These discs form around young stars and con­tain grains of cos­mic dust that may even­tu­ally co­a­lesce to form plan­ets and, po­ten­tially, whole plan­e­tary sys­tems like our own. In this case, the dark gap be­tween the two rings is likely the re­sult of young pro­to­plan­ets form­ing in or­bit around the star, carv­ing the dusty disc as they go.

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