The grav­i­ta­tional wave de­tected on 15 Septem­ber 2015 came from merg­ing EODFN KROHV WKDW EULH \ HPLWWHG WLPHV WKH power of all the stars in the Uni­verse com­bined

Sky at Night Magazine - - MYSTERIOUS GRAVITY -

In a galaxy far, far away, at a time when Earth boasted noth­ing more com­plex than a bac­terium, two mon­ster black holes were locked in a death spi­ral. One was 29 times the mass of the Sun, the other 36 times the mass of the Sun. Each trav­el­ling at half the speed of light, they whirled about each other one last time. As they co­a­lesced, three whole so­lar masses were de­stroyed and con­verted into grav­i­ta­tional waves. Bear in mind that an atomic bomb con­verts only about a kilo­gram of mass-en­ergy into other forms. Had the tsunami of tor­tured space-time that surged out­wards been in the form of light, it would have shone tens of times brighter than a Uni­verse of stars.

Ein­stein’s the­o­ries pre­dicted grav­i­ta­tional waves too, but it took a hun­dred years for us to de­tect them

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