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The twin pil­lars of mod­ern physics are Ein­stein’s the­ory of grav­ity, which de­scribes gal­ax­ies and the Uni­verse, and quan­tum the­ory, which de­scribes atoms and their con­stituents. It has given us lasers, com­put­ers and nu­clear re­ac­tors; it ex­plains why the Sun shines and why the ground is solid. Ein­stein’s the­ory (which de­scribes the large) and quan­tum the­ory (which de­scribes the small) reign supreme in their own do­mains but have re­sisted merg­ing. This would not be a prob­lem; how­ever, once up on a time – in the Big Bang – the Uni­verse was very small. To un­der­stand how the Uni­verse emerged from this, like a rab­bit from a hat, we must there­fore unite Ein­stein’s the­ory with quan­tum the­ory: to cre­ate a quan­tum the­ory of grav­ity.

Our un­der­stand­ing of grav­ity doesn’t match up with quan­tum the­ory. If we are ever go­ing to un­der­stand the Big Bang, they need to be united

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