Lau­rel’s on to killer Emma… em­merdale

BUT will emma con­fess To killing James? or hit Back?

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Sus­pi­cious Lau­rel Thomas had nurse Emma Bar­ton on the run af­ter son Arthur told her he saw a video of Emma tor­ment­ing Ash­ley.

Emma de­stroyed the video, but Lau­rel be­lieved her son and con­fronted Emma.

Emma twisted the truth yet again, claim­ing Ash­ley was up­set­ting her with talk of James and, yes, he said he saw her on the bridge when James fell.

But Emma said Ash­ley also told her that he saw Lau­rel there and his mum, and Har­riet! She told Lau­rel it was Ash­ley’s de­men­tia trick­ing him.

But Lau­rel was still sus­pi­cious and Emma de­cided to dis­ap­pear from the Dales fast, to a re­li­gious re­treat.


Emma’s out of sight, but not out of Lau­rel’s mind and she’s push­ing Finn Bar­ton for de­tails of mum Emma and dad James’ re­la­tion­ship.

‘That’s when Emma re­turns home un­ex­pect­edly from her prayer re­treat,’ our Em­merdale in­sider tells us.

This time, it’s Lau­rel who needs to make a quick exit, but she has made Emma ner­vous. And when Lau­rel con­fides in Bob Hope, she shocks him.

Lau­rel stuns Emma, too, not know­ing that she has over­heard some of what Lau­rel has told Bob.

Emma does her best to do some dam­age lim­i­ta­tion with Bob. But who will he be­lieve… her or Lau­rel?

Con­vinced that Emma is guilty of hav­ing done some­thing ter­ri­ble, Lau­rel calls the po­lice. But Emma makes some ac­cu­sa­tions of her own and Lau­rel re­alises she has to be more cun­ning if she’s go­ing to ex­pose Emma’s lies. Will she find a way to get the truth? ‘Lau­rel goes to see Emma to apol­o­gise and as­sure her that she’s dropped her vendetta against her,’ our source adds. But she hasn’t re­ally. When Lau­rel preys on Emma’s guilty con­science, she at last says some­thing that makes Lau­rel think she did have some­thing to do with James’ death.

But nei­ther of them is aware that Emma’s son, Ross, is lis­ten­ing…


Is this where Emma breaks down and ad­mits that James didn’t jump or ac­ci­den­tally fall?

Will she con­fess to her sons that she had kept him pris­oner, that he es­caped and she chased him and pushed him off the bridge to his death?

Or, feel­ing cor­nered, will un­sta­ble Emma lash out and kill again?

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Emma gets an un­holy shock when she re­turns from her prayer re­treat to find Lau­rel in her home, quizzing Finn!

Emma con­fronts Lau­rel, mak­ing her ner­vous – but even more de­ter­mined to get to the truth!

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