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Robert Pre­ston has two am­bi­tions: to make a suc­cess of the Bistro; and to make a proper go of his ro­mance with Michelle Con­nor. But he’s badly fail­ing at both of them. The Bistro’s strug­gling af­ter his drug dealer pal, Rich, stabbed Ch­es­ney Brown. That ended with a damning press ar­ti­cle, busi­ness drop­ping off and lawyer Adam Bar­low ask­ing the strug­gling chef for a £10k set­tle­ment for Ch­es­ney.

The path of true love with Michelle hasn’t run smoothly ei­ther. Woes at the Bistro have seen rucks and Robert’s been drunk, mugged and ar­rested.

More un­set­tling has been the start of a hate cam­paign, with a van­dal spray­ing ‘RIP’ over the Bistro and an ar­son­ist throw­ing a fire­bomb at the restau­rant!

Can things get any worse? Yes...

this fort­night

Robert and Michelle are con­vinced that drug dealer Rich is re­spon­si­ble for the spate of at­tacks. ‘The po­lice, though, as­sure Robert and Michelle that Rich has a cast-iron al­ibi,’ says our in­sider at Cor­rie. ‘A frus­trated Robert then re­alises he’s go­ing to strug­gle to pay Ch­es­ney off. ‘Michelle of­fers to help, but Robert won’t hear of it.’ He has another idea, though, and he grabs cash out of the Bistro till be­fore head­ing to the casino, hop­ing to win some quick money!

Which is where a con­cerned Michelle finds him and she con­fronts him over his des­per­ate plan. But Robert’s placed his fi­nal chips on the roulette ta­ble and he watches as a dis­ap­pointed Michelle ex­its.

‘When Robert re­turns home, he’s hor­ri­fied to see Michelle’s car has been van­dalised,’ adds our source.

‘And he’s des­per­ate to en­sure his al­ready on-edge girl­friend faces no more pain, so he ar­ranges to get the mo­tor re­paired with­out telling her about it.

‘He re­turns home and apol­o­gises to Michelle for his be­hav­iour and the two of them curl up in bed, with Michelle telling him how re­lieved she is that there have been no more at­tacks!’

Gulp! Robert hides his un­ease at ly­ing to Michelle and he de­cides to take ac­tion. He finds Rich and con­fronts him about the at­tacks, but he de­nies all knowl­edge.

And Robert’s day gets worse when his car cover-up is ex­posed af­ter Michelle over­hears Alya Bri­ton and Kate Con­nor dis­cussing it… and she’s not happy.

Our source con­tin­ues: ‘Livid Michelle flies at Robert for ly­ing to her and for mak­ing her think she was safe. She’s so fu­ri­ous she has to get away from her fella, so she of­fers to drive Maria Con­nor and her date, Will Chat­ter­ton, into town.

‘While Maria and Will head for a drink, Michelle sits alone in a bar… and, slowly but surely, she be­comes aware that she’s be­ing watched…’

What next?

We’re sworn to se­crecy on what hap­pens next, but the dan­ger signs for Michelle and Robert have been rapidly in­creas­ing.

Is Michelle about to face a hor­ri­fy­ing or­deal at the hands of a venge­ful Rich?

But what if Rich is telling the truth about his in­no­cence? If so, is ‘watched’ Michelle about to be the vic­tim of a new threat at the hands of a stalker?

And what about Robert? He’s shown he’s got se­ri­ous anger is­sues in the past and Robert ac­tor Tris­tan Gemmill’s re­vealed: ‘Robert will do any­thing to pro­tect Michelle… There’s also a hint that he has an in­cli­na­tion to­wards vi­o­lence!’

If Michelle or Robert are in dan­ger, we reckon Robert will turn very nasty in­deed and this story is about to turn very dark for both of them.

And, as we re­port on pages 28 and 29, it seems there’s more po­lice in­volve­ment and an ar­rest in store down the line!

Our ad­vice: Stay tuned and don’t watch these episodes alone!

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The chips are down for Robert as Michelle loses pa­tience with him for gam­bling at the casino… As Michelle sits alone in a bar, she be­comes aware that she’s be­ing watched… But who by?

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