Ter­ri­ble truth shat­ters Chrissie Em­merdale

learns lachlan kidnaps tim And chrissie fall­out’s the truth About ‘si­mon’… And the All… ex­plo­sive! louise mar­wood ex­plains

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There’s no rest for the Whites, who seem to lurch from one drama to the next. The fam­ily have only just got over Lawrence’s near-fa­tal in­ci­dent with ex­haust fumes, when Chrissie dis­cov­ers Lachlan has kid­napped ‘Si­mon’, who she quickly dis­cov­ers is her real un­cle, Tim Richards. Then Lawrence has another life-threat­en­ing health cri­sis. ‘Chrissie feels so be­trayed by Lawrence,’ ac­tress Louise Mar­wood tells Soaplife. ‘I’m not sure she can for­give her fa­ther for this.’ Will she feel dif­fer­ently as he lies un­con­scious in a hos­pi­tal bed… and will he ever wake up?

What does Chrissie make of ‘Si­mon’?

She’s com­pletely smit­ten by him. He’s a real man and she’s only been with boys un­til now. Si­mon’s just her type and she thought they were get­ting on so well. Chrissie doesn’t un­der­stand why he’s not into her.

Is she sus­pi­cious of Lawrence?

He’s been act­ing strangely for a while now, so she doesn’t re­ally no­tice any­thing dif­fer­ent.

What about Lachlan and Gerry? Is she wor­ried about what they’re get­ting up to?

Chrissie wor­ries about Gerry’s in­flu­ence on Lachlan all the time. She’s con­cerned that her son will be eas­ily led.

How does she feel about Lawrence mov­ing to St Ives with Ron­nie Hale?

She’s sad, but happy Lawrence has found hap­pi­ness. She’s al­ways been pained by the fact he’s been un­happy for much of his life.

When does Chrissie re­alise Lachlan has taken ‘Si­mon’ hostage?

She hears a scream and she finds him with Gerry and Lachlan. She can’t be­lieve what Lachlan’s done and what he’s ca­pa­ble of. Si­mon ex­plains he’s her un­cle, Tim, and she can’t be­lieve what she’s hear­ing. She looks to Lawrence and he doesn’t deny it.

How does Chrissie feel when Tim ex­plains that he’s her un­cle?

She feels to­tally be­trayed. It’s been one lie af­ter another from ALL of them. She also feels hu­mil­i­ated and I ac­tu­ally feel sorry for her.

Will she ever get over this?

I can’t see her ever get­ting clo­sure now be­cause she’ll never hear the truth from the one man she yearns to talk to – her real fa­ther. Chrissie feels ut­terly be­trayed by Lawrence. She’s so an­gry at him and she’s dev­as­tated.

But he only did it to pro­tect her…

Yes, but it’s prob­a­bly done more harm than if he’d been hon­est with her from the out­set. He tries to make amends, but it’s too late.

What’s next for the Whites?

They’ve al­ways healed their rifts be­fore, but this is dif­fer­ent as the stakes are higher. Chrissie will strug­gle to for­give Lawrence.

Even when he’s rushed to hos­pi­tal?

Tellingly, Lachlan and Re­becca are at his bed­side, but Chrissie isn’t…

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