Can Lau­rel trap killer Emma? Em­merdale

Lau­rel is con­vinced Emma mur­dered James and she aims to find prof But Emma’s on to her… Char­lotte Bel­lamy re­veals all!

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While most of the vil­lage re­mains fooled by Emma Bar­ton’s new holier-than-thou im­age, Lau­rel Thomas sees right through it. She’s sure Emma had a hand in James’ death and she’s de­ter­mined to find out the truth. ‘Lau­rel be­lieves Emma killed James,’ ac­tress Char­lotte Bel­lamy tells Soaplife. ‘The trou­ble is, no­body else is con­vinced and she’s start­ing to look more mad than Emma!’ Will the truth come out when Lau­rel re­ports Emma to the po­lice?

How’s Lau­rel’s quest to ex­pose Emma go­ing?

Emma’s so clever and she keeps twist­ing things. Just when Lau­rel thinks she has some­thing on her, Emma gets out of it. She twists things to make it look as if Lau­rel is the mad and un­rea­son­able one. Lau­rel’s ac­tu­ally as sweet as pie and she’s get­ting in­creas­ingly frus­trated.

What does Lau­rel hope to get out of Finn?

She tries to have a chat with him about Emma and James and why his mum be­haved so oddly at the court hear­ing. But, as they’re talk­ing, Emma un­ex­pect­edly re­turns, so Lau­rel leaves.

Lau­rel speaks to Bob Hope about it, too…

She tells Bob about her sus­pi­cions and she hopes he’s on-side. But Lau­rel doesn’t re­alise that Emma is lis­ten­ing in!

What does Emma do with the in­for­ma­tion?

She turns up at Lau­rel’s and con­fronts her and Lau­rel is even more con­vinced of her guilt.

What does Lau­rel do next?

She calls the po­lice. She’s aware she hasn’t got any ev­i­dence, but she hopes Emma might crack.

Will get­ting the po­lice in­volved work?

Emma might just be too clever for that. She’s got God on her side, re­mem­ber! Emma’s new­found re­li­gion, how­ever, does turn out to be her weak point be­cause she be­comes more ob­sessed with God as the story pro­gresses.

Is Lau­rel afraid of Emma?

She’s start­ing to re­alise how dan­ger­ous Emma is.

What’s it like to act out this sto­ry­line with Gil­lian Kear­ney, who plays Emma?

It’s strange be­cause I worked so closely with John Mid­dle­ton, who played Ash­ley, and now I’ve been thrown into this com­pletely dif­fer­ent story. I’m so glad Lau­rel isn’t just mop­ing around and has Emma to deal with.

Will there be a cat­fight?

Lau­rel’s not a fighter, but she’s pas­sion­ate, so this is cer­tainly go­ing to push her.

Have you seen John Mid­dle­ton of late?

Yes, he’s re­ally brown as he’s done a lot of sail­ing since leav­ing Em­merdale.

Con­grat­u­la­tions on your re­cent Bri­tish Soap Award for Best Ac­tress, too!

Thanks. You could prob­a­bly tell from my face that I wasn’t ex­pect­ing it. That night was an amaz­ing mem­ory that I’ll never for­get.

Do you plan to stick around on Em­merdale?

Yes, I’m so lucky to be here. I get to work three or four days a week when so many other ac­tors are out of work. Why would I ever want to leave? I could, of course, get on the bus that crashes, but I don’t have any con­trol over that.

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