Ro­mance for Amy & Toadie? Neigh­bours

All… friend Toadie? Zoe Cra­mond re­veals Amy de­vel­op­ing feel­ings for old is

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Amy Wil­liams and Toadie Re­bec­chi? On pa­per, they’re far from be­ing the per­fect match. But, as cir­cum­stances throw them to­gether, Amy starts hav­ing cer­tain feel­ings. ‘Amy de­vel­ops a deeper con­nec­tion with Toadie,’ ac­tress Zoe Cra­mond tells Soaplife. ‘She sees just what a great guy he ac­tu­ally is and how he rep­re­sents what Amy’s never had. She wants that kind of man in her life. And she wants him in son Jimmy’s life, too!’ But what about Toadie’s wife, Sonya?

Toadie’s mar­riage to Sonya is in big trou­ble and Wil­low Somers is back in town… Is Toadie’s vul­ner­a­bil­ity a fac­tor in Amy’s feel­ings?

Yes. Toadie re­ally leans on Amy as a friend and, as Amy had to find her fa­ther, Paul Robinson, Amy also has em­pa­thy for Wil­low’s sit­u­a­tion, which helps him to un­der­stand things bet­ter. Wil­low and Amy bond, and Toadie goes to Amy for ad­vice. They be­come very close.

Does Amy no longer see Toadie as just a good friend?

The friend­ship is def­i­nitely still there, but I guess Amy’s had a glimpse now of what it would be like to have some­one like Toadie as a part­ner.

What are her feel­ings when Toadie kisses her on the cheek?

Amy reads what she thinks are sig­nals that Toadie could be in­ter­ested in her as more than just a friend, so she seeks some ‘guy ad­vice’ from Tyler Bren­nan and every­one is af­firm­ing what she sus­pects – that Toadie is, in fact, into her. So she starts believ­ing it.

Does she say any­thing to him?

Amy brings it up loosely once, but she doesn’t ask him di­rectly about it.

Does she think he sus­pects she’s started to have feel­ings for him?

Yes, be­cause he gives her cer­tain sig­nals, which is why she seeks ad­vice from oth­ers.

So what about Sonya in all of this?

Sonya ac­tu­ally dis­cusses the sit­u­a­tion with Amy, but it never re­ally gets re­solved. Amy knows deep down that she and Toadie could only ever be friends be­cause she could never be­tray Sonya like that.

Do you think Toadie and Amy could make a go of it or is it just a bit of a crush on Amy’s be­half?

Any­thing’s pos­si­ble in Neigh­bours! At the end of the day, it comes from Amy want­ing a good man in her life – then Toadie shows up! It’s def­i­nitely more the idea of Toadie than the re­al­ity, though. It would never sit right if Amy broke up a cou­ple. She has too much of a moral com­pass for that.

By Ali­son James

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