Robert & Aaron hor­ror story Em­merdale

Aaron re­turns And re­jects robert, who does some­thing THAT has Ter­ri­fy­ing con­se­quences!

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Story So far

He tried, but Aaron Din­gle couldn’t bear that hus­band Robert Sug­den is hav­ing a son with Re­becca White. Aaron started self­harm­ing again and best friend Adam Bar­ton had to rush him to hos­pi­tal.

‘Your son will al­ways be a re­minder that you cheated,’ Aaron told Robert. ‘I hate not be­ing able to han­dle it, but I’ll only hurt my­self more if I stay here.’

With Aaron de­cid­ing to go away and ‘fix’ him­self, he handed his wed­ding ring back to Robert and kissed him good­bye.

this fort­night

Re­becca is urg­ing Robert to fight for Aaron – and he gets his chance to do just that when Aaron re­turns from his visit to his mum, Chas, and younger half-sis­ter Liv Fla­herty. ‘Robert begs Aaron to give him another chance, but Aaron tells him it’s too late,’ says our Em­merdale in­sider. Robert’s heart­bro­ken and he moves out of the home he hoped he would share with Aaron. But he’s con­cerned when he later sees Aaron with a black eye. Has Aaron’s tem­per got the bet­ter of him again? And who hit him? Adam’s wor­ried about Aaron, too… And his con­cern grows when Aaron dis­ap­pears for a meet­ing with his great-un­cle, Zak Din­gle. Uh-oh! Is his dodgy rel­a­tive Zak, whose life is one big scam, lead­ing Aaron astray?

Adam might find out, but it’s un­likely that Robert will, as he’s turned his mind to other mat­ters, which have taken him to Home Farm, where Re­becca lives.

And if Aaron knew that, he’d prob­a­bly give Robert a black eye!

In­stead, though, bit­ter, twisted Robert is putting oth­ers’ lives in dan­ger…

What next?

Robert has his for­mer fa­ther-in-law, Lawrence White, in his sights and he takes dras­tic ac­tion.

We can’t re­veal what Robert has planned for Lawrence, but we can say that it goes hor­ri­bly wrong…

Our soap spies have told us there’s a po­ten­tially fa­tal in­ci­dent in­volv­ing Lawrence and Lachlan White, Belle Din­gle and Vic­to­ria Bar­ton that kicks off a mas­sive and dra­matic sto­ry­line!

And what hap­pens next will have far-reach­ing con­se­quences…

Aaron’s back and he has a black eye… But he makes it clear that he doesn’t want Robert to kiss it bet­ter!

Re­becca stays sup­port­ive of Robert – but that’s not what Aaron wants to see or hear!

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