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Max forces about his brain Tu­mour… steven To Tell lau­ren The Truth is There another Twist ahead Though?

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Story So far

Steven Beale told girl­friend Lau­ren Bran­ning he had a life-threat­en­ing brain tu­mour.

The emo­tional black­mail plan was to stop her from leav­ing him and en­sure she stayed in Wal­ford… and well away from hunky of­fice col­league Josh Hem­mings.

It worked. But Steven’s ter­ri­ble lie has since gath­ered pace at an alarm­ing speed.

To­tally taken in, Lau­ren’s do­ing her best to sup­port Steven. The bad Beale, mean­while, has been bonk­ing Lau­ren’s sis­ter, Abi, in a bid to keep her on-side.

Lau­ren and Abi’s dodgy dad, Max, mean­while, has sussed that Steven’s ly­ing, but he’s told Lau­ren she’s right to stand by him.

Oh, and Steven’s also pro­posed mar­riage to Lau­ren, too.

The whole sit­u­a­tion is warped, even by the stan­dards of the bed-hop­ping, ly­ing, cheating, schem­ing Bran­nings and Beales!

this fort­night

Steven’s sick lie looks like it’s about to un­ravel be­cause his plan to make Lau­ren con­cerned about his flag­ging health is work­ing too well!

‘Steven pan­ics when a fright­ened and con­cerned Lau­ren forces him to go to the hos­pi­tal,’ re­veals our in­sider at East­end­ers. ‘Steven can’t talk his way out of it and, af­ter they ar­rive at the hos­pi­tal, he tries to buy him­self some time as they wait to be seen.

‘Des­per­ate, he calls Abi, who’s been left hold­ing baby Louie, and he pleads with her to help him es­cape the sit­u­a­tion that threat­ens to blow his plans apart.’

It’s a tense wait, but Abi comes good and she comes up with a sly rea­son to en­sure Lau­ren re­turns home. Dis­as­ter avoided, right? No. Be­cause Max ar­rives. Max is no­body’s fool and it’s ap­par­ent he’s set­ting up an elab­o­rate revenge on pretty much every­one in the Square, so draw­ing a des­per­ate Steven into his games is not a ma­jor prob­lem.

But it seems Max may have grown a con­science about his dam­aged el­der daugh­ter. Steven has men­tioned any ad­di­tional stress may make for­mer al­co­holic Lau­ren go back on the booze. Is that Max’s con­cern, too? It looks like it may be when he con­fronts Steven about his lies and he tells him Lau­ren needs to know the truth.

‘Steven heads back to No.45 and, with Max right be­hind him, he stands be­fore Lau­ren,’ adds our source. ‘Will he tell her what’s re­ally go­ing on and see his twisted scheme to keep Lau­ren in his life col­lapse?’

What next?

We reckon there are more twists and turns to come be­fore the truth is re­vealed. Steven’s des­per­a­tion to keep Lau­ren in his life has seen him sink to sick depths with his brain tu­mour lie, and he’s to­tally vul­ner­a­ble now that cun­ning Max knows the truth.

But we know Max is a mas­ter schemer who’s un­likely to let a chance to do more ma­nip­u­la­tion pass him by when the truth will see his daugh­ter leave Al­bert Square and be away from his in­flu­ence.

Af­ter all, he’s known about Steven’s lies for a few weeks and he’s said noth­ing. That would sug­gest he’s fig­ur­ing out a way to use Steven’s lie to his ad­van­tage to hurt the daugh­ter who be­trayed him and left him to rot in jail!

We reckon Steven’s about to be­come a pawn in Max’s revenge scheme… and it’s not go­ing to be nice! Steven’s ini­tial lie may have been sick… but this is about to reach another level of per­verse!

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