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Poor Leanne Bat­tersby! Her for­mer fella, Nick Til­s­ley, ended their re­la­tion­ship and left Weather­field, then he sold their home out from un­der her and their mini fam­ily of baby Oliver and adopted son Si­mon Bar­low, too.

Her sis­ter Toyah Bat­tersby’s boyfriend, Peter Bar­low, quickly of­fered them a roof over their heads in the Rovers. But Peter is one of Leanne’s ex-lovers so it’s not an ideal so­lu­tion…

this fort­night

Liv­ing in the Rovers with Peter and Toyah is a sober­ing ex­pe­ri­ence for Leanne, and she tells half-sis­ter Eva Price it’s not work­ing out.

‘Eva’s so­lu­tion is to sug­gest Leanne and baby Oliver move in with her and Ai­dan Con­nor,’ says our source at Cor­rie. ‘But there’s soon another of­fer!

‘Steve Mcdon­ald, who’s Oliver’s dad, gets wind of Leanne’s hous­ing prob­lems and comes up with an al­ter­na­tive sug­ges­tion… They should live with him!’

Leanne may have ini­tial doubts, but it looks like it’s all sys­tems go as she and Steve en­joy play­ing the dot­ing par­ents to Oliver. Later, they com­bine forces to try the con­trolled cry­ing method to set­tle their son into a reg­u­lar sleep pat­tern.

Their ef­forts don’t yield par­tic­u­larly pos­i­tive re­sults and the two par­ents are soon at their wits’ end. But Steve’s mum, Liz, no­tices how well the ex­hausted pair are get­ting on and she starts to won­der if they could have a fu­ture to­gether.

‘A few days later, Toyah and Eva per­suade Leanne to leave her baby woes be­hind for a night and spend an evening out with them,’ adds our in­sider.

‘Steve of­fers to babysit Oliver and Leanne heads over to Eva’s to bor­row a dress.

‘When Leanne re­turns home, she looks amaz­ing and Steve’s wowed. She then ad­mits she’d rather have a night in with a DVD!’

And Steve’s even more thrilled when Leanne presents him with match­ing Weather­field County foot­ball shirts for him and Oliver.

Our in­sider con­tin­ues: ‘Steve’s over­whelmed by Leanne’s ges­ture and, feel­ing the love, he stuns Leanne with a mar­riage pro­posal!’

Pre­dictably, Leanne’s ini­tial an­swer doesn’t quite com­plete the ro­man­tic story.

‘She’s in­cred­u­lous and she lists all the rea­sons it would be a bad idea for them to get mar­ried,’ re­veals our source. ‘Then she heads out!’

Steve spends the rest of the evening fear­ing he’s blown it, while Leanne calls in at the Rovers and starts to knock back the vodka.

What next?

Leanne pro­ceeds to tell Toyah and Eva how Steve pro­posed to her and, amazed, they be­gin to crack jokes about Steve.

And that’s where Leanne starts to be­come de­fen­sive about her would-be hus­band…

Is she start­ing to re­con­sider all the rea­sons she and Steve shouldn’t get mar­ried? And, fu­elled by doubt and al­co­hol, is she about to say ‘Yes’?

Cor­rie aren’t say­ing and plan to let this story play out on screen. But we reckon Liz may be look­ing for a new out­fit and hat for a shock sum­mer wed­ding…

A stunned Leanne can think of lots of rea­sons not to marry Steve… But will she end up say­ing ‘Yes’? It’s no laugh­ing mat­ter for Leanne when Toyah and Eva crack jokes about Steve…

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