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The re­veal that vil­lain­ous Pat Phe­lan had kept pre­sumed-dead Andy Carver alive and im­pris­oned in a derelict house was one of Coro­na­tion Street’s best shock twists ever!

Then Andy’s botched es­cape bid and his en­su­ing in­jury and ill­ness added to his aw­ful or­deal. Weak and ill, Andy feared the worst and he begged his cal­cu­lat­ing cap­tor to get him help…

In­stead, Phe­lan ter­ri­fied him fur­ther by re­veal­ing that he’d dug his grave!

But Ni­cola Ruben­stein pricked her dad’s con­science, and that grave re­mained empty as Phe­lan se­cured an­tibi­otics to keep Andy alive… and he pon­dered and for­mu­lated a new strat­egy.

this fort­night

Phe­lan’s had a re­think and he has a new plan for deal­ing with Andy. ‘Phe­lan tells his wife, Eileen, that he has a job in Scot­land,’ says our source. ‘He then heads to the derelict house and he binds cap­tive Andy’s wrists and unnerves him by bundling him into the back of his van. ‘Next, Phe­lan sets off for France with a fake pass­port!’ Andy’s pre­vi­ously begged Phe­lan to let him go and let him start a new life in a dif­fer­ent coun­try. He’s also promised to keep his mouth firmly shut about his kid­nap and Phe­lan’s pre­vi­ous crimes.

Has Ni­cola’s in­volve­ment soft­ened Phe­lan’s re­solve and con­vinced him to suc­cumb to his pris­oner’s pleas?

Or is his plan a lot darker than that? Is he plan­ning to turn killer to deal with the ‘Andy is­sue’ once and for all?

‘Phe­lan’s plan for Andy hits a big prob­lem, though, when he crashes the van in re­mote woods,’ re­veals our source.

‘See­ing his chance for free­dom, des­per­ate Andy kicks the doors open. Once free from the back of the van, he finds a bloody Phe­lan un­con­scious at the wheel…’

An as­ton­ished Andy isn’t out of dan­ger yet, though. He takes im­me­di­ate ac­tion and grabs the pass­port and the Eu­ros, and makes a run for it.

He puts all his ef­fort into forc­ing his way through the woods, stum­bling as he goes, but de­ter­mined to put miles be­tween him and his cap­tor!

What next?

Has Andy fi­nally es­caped Phe­lan’s clutches and will the kid­nap­per now have to face jus­tice and be forced to pay for his many crimes? Or has Phe­lan died in the accident? Or could it be an­other ex­am­ple of mas­ter ma­nip­u­la­tor Phe­lan’s many mind games? We’d put noth­ing past him… Back in Weather­field, mean­while, Eileen and Ni­cola de­cide to visit the lo­ca­tion of a cer­tain derelict house and have a snoop around. What will they find? And, more im­por­tantly, is this the mo­ment when they re­alise just how dan­ger­ous the man they’ve let into their lives re­ally is?

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Bloody mess! Does a freak road accident mean it’s the end for Phe­lan and his sin­is­ter scheme? Free­dom! Andy kicks the van doors open and tastes fresh air for the first time in months...

Dra­matic! Will scared Andy fi­nally es­cape Phe­lan’s grasp?

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