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It was the hap­pi­est day of Liv Fla­herty’s life when half-brother Aaron Din­gle agreed that she could live with him in Emmerdale and not in Ire­land with her messed-up mum, San­dra.

But Ire­land was still where Liv ended up, with Chas Din­gle, when San­dra had a bad accident nearly six months ago and needed help while she re­cov­ered.

A lot has changed while Liv has been gone… But the big­gest shock when she re­turns will be the split be­tween Aaron and his hus­band, Robert Sug­den. Liv has no idea Robert cheated, got Rebecca White preg­nant and drove Aaron back to the dark place where he hurts him­self…

this fort­night

Aaron’s stunned when Liv sud­denly ap­pears at his home in Mill Cot­tage. He’s fu­ri­ous that she just took off and came back to Emmerdale on her own. But Liv’s even more an­gry – and that’s go­ing to quickly lead to more heartache for Aaron.

‘Hav­ing found out that Aaron and Robert have split up, Liv de­mands to know why Aaron didn’t tell her about it,’ our Emmerdale in­sider re­veals.

But Liv’s dumb­founded when she then dis­cov­ers that Robert’s hav­ing a baby with Rebecca White.

It’s a bit­ter blow for the school­girl, who’d come to like and trust Robert.

Aaron tries to get Liv’s life back to nor­mal and he in­sists she goes to school, some­thing Liv wasn’t a fan of even when her life was run­ning smoothly!

She’s de­ter­mined to con­front Robert and Rebecca, though, so she swerves school and she heads to Home Farm, where she does ex­actly that.

There’s a lot of an­gry shout­ing and tem­pers are lost, but no one ex­pects the shock­ing out­come of it all…

With­out giv­ing ev­ery­thing away, we can re­veal that Liv ends up be­ing rushed to hospi­tal and, yet again, Aaron’s fam­ily life is in tat­ters! Surely he won’t lose his sis­ter when he’s just got her back?

What next?

‘Some­thing big is go­ing off for Liv and Aaron,’ says Emmerdale boss Iain Macleod. And this is the start of it! ‘Liv’s only a kid, but she has her big brother lean­ing on her and she feels like she has to be the strong one. Soon, ev­ery­thing will come crash­ing down on her,’ Iain says. Now, Liv makes it clear she wants Aaron and Robert back to­gether… So, is there a chance they could rec­on­cile to some­how save Liv’s life?

Liv has got plenty to say about Rebecca hav­ing Robert’s baby – and none of it is very nice!

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