Soaplife - - 2 weeks in pictures -

She’s blonde and she’s pretty, and those traits alone could be what it is about Court­ney Grixti that the men of Erins­bor­ough find ir­re­sistible. But Su­san Kennedy thinks it’s some­thing else... Court­ney’s work as a masseuse at the day spa has got Karl Kennedy and Shane Re­bec­chi go­ing back for more and more… and Su­san thinks Court­ney’s adding a ‘spe­cial touch’ to make them happy! With Shane’s wife, Dipi, at her side, Su­san stakes out the spa, de­ter­mined to get proof that Court­ney’s ‘hands-on’ treat­ment of the men in­volves more than a good mus­cle rub! What Su­san and Dipi see is a very happy Karl ex­it­ing Court­ney’s room, with Shane wait­ing. Is Su­san right? Or has she got things very, very wrong?

1 Dipi and Su­san don’t like what they see when they se­cretly watch Court­ney… 2 A very grate­ful Karl leaves Court­ney’s treat­ment room…

3 Court­ney has made Karl a happy man – and Shane is wait­ing to share the joy…

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