Coro­na­tion Street

Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Dis­cov­ery! Anna makes a shock dis­cov­ery about Seb... What is it?

Toyah and Peter are de­lighted when the po­ten­tial sur­ro­gate mum of their baby calls into the Rovers for a meet­ing. But she’s ap­palled when it de­scends into chaos...

Robert and Michelle de­cide it would be a good idea to pre­tend they’re not to­gether...

Es­cape! Phe­lan bun­dles Andy into the back of his van as they set off for France. En route, Andy sees his chance to es­cape and he makes a run for it...

Gary makes the de­ci­sion to re­turn to Ukraine to fund Jake’s med­i­cal bills. Sarah, though, is wor­ried about him...

Faye’s con­fused by Anna’s U-turn...

Horror! Gary meets Ni­cola in a bar in town. Un­aware of who she is, he tells her all about the hor­rors of his job in Ukraine...

A sus­pi­cious Maria’s in­trigued when she notices Eva and Adam’s in­ti­macy.

Rita’s up­set when Gemma tries to sug­gest that she may have mud­dled up her tablets...

Rana’s not keen on an­other night out.

Lies! Eva prints off an­other photo from the in­ter­net and she lies that it’s her baby scan. Then she tells Jenny they’re hav­ing a dou­ble hen do at the Rovers!

Gemma’s de­ter­mined to make Rita re­alise she has a mem­ory prob­lem.

Rana’s put out when Imo­gen rocks up at the hen night, and Kate has harsh words...

Week 2

Con­fes­sion! Ai­dan has a shock con­fes­sion for Eva, then Toyah spies Maria through a win­dow at the wed­ding venue... What does she plan to do?

Gemma, Jenny and Johnny are hor­ri­fied to dis­cover Rita miss­ing from hospi­tal... A sur­prise gift spooks Michelle... Nor­ris and Mary are a sur­prise hit!

Dis­cov­ery! Will does his best to sup­port ‘good friend’ Michelle, then she makes a dis­cov­ery... But what?

Will Jenny and Johnny make it to the wed­ding venue on time?

Gemma prom­ises a wor­ried Rita that she’ll be right by her side, come what may.

Who has a big sur­prise in store?

Sur­prise! Sally, Gina, Fiz, Beth, Kirk and Sinead are all shocked to find a mas­sive sur­prise... But what is it?

A fright­ened Michelle makes a ma­jor de­ci­sion... But what does she do?

Gina up­sets Sally when she sug­gests Kirk is the bet­ter can­di­date for the post of mayor... Is she right?


As the fu­ture looks brighter for Bethany, will it last for the young­ster?

Who gets help from an un­likely source? And will the plan back­fire?

One lo­cal gets led astray…

Splash­ing out: Gary tries to cheer Sarah up but will it work? Messy meet­ing: A night at the Rovers goes very wrong Un­en­thu­si­as­tic: Rana’s not happy with Kate’s idea I-spy: Maria spots Eva and Adam look­ing cosy

Home visit: Anna makes a dis­cov­ery about Seb

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