Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Sur­ro­gate! Fol­low­ing her chat with Zack, Lisa is left in two minds about be­ing a sur­ro­gate mum for Louis and Simone...

Learn­ing her GCSES will pre­vent her from get­ting into Ox­ford or Cam­bridge, Lily skips school with Prince to dis­tract her­self.

Af­fair! Tracey en­cour­ages Grace to fight for War­ren be­fore he weds Si­enna when Grace tells her mum about their af­fair.

Prince wor­ries when a trou­bled Lily gets drunk and heads on a night out.

Brody eyes up a new con­quest...

Truth! Si­enna and Kim’s lies make Grace sus­pi­cious... Will she un­cover the truth?

Brody en­snares a young lady, but he has a dilemma on his hand when he dis­cov­ers how old she is... Will he do the right thing?

The po­lice are called to the vil­lage...

Amorous! War­ren walks in on Si­enna in her bridal gown. But when he gets amorous, she pushes him away...

Dar­ren turns to gam­bling when Nancy goes to work in­stead of spend­ing time with him on po­ten­tially his last day of free­dom.

Wed­ding! Si­enna and War­ren’s wed­ding day ar­rives... Will Grace man­age to stop them say­ing ‘I do’?

Dar­ren’s fright­ened ahead of his court case... What will the ver­dict be?

Joel ques­tions Cleo’s feel­ings for him.

Week 2

Ac­tions! Grace deals with the fall­out of her ac­tions... But what has she done?

Das­tardly Darcy gets some in­trigu­ing in­for­ma­tion from her pri­vate eye...

Joel asks Cleo to move in with him.

Sur­prise! Smit­ten Jesse has a sur­prise in store for Darcy... What is it? Scott grows more jeal­ous of Brody. Joel and Cleo make a big de­ci­sion...

Prob­lems! Scott’s lies lead to prob­lems for one vil­lager... Will the truth emerge?

Jesse and Court­ney bond when she lends the crimper a help­ing hand.

One cou­ple have a heart­break­ing talk...

Call! Tracey gets an in­ter­est­ing call... What ac­tions will she take? There’s drama at Da­mon’s party. Court­ney’s feel­ings are ques­tioned.

Po­lice! Re­cent events see lives in the vil­lage torn apart...

An art project leads to in­ti­macy for one cou­ple...

One vil­lager deals with a reve­la­tion...


What now for vil­lagers fol­low­ing the shock af­ter­math of the re­cent drama? Who’s love life gets com­pli­cated? What next for one cou­ple whose re­la­tion­ship has been tested?

Pre-wed­ding pas­sion: War­ren walks in on Si­enna in her bridal dress Let­down: Dar­ren has a fam­ily out­ing… with­out wife Nancy Dec­la­ra­tion: How will Cleo re­spond to Joel’s ques­tion? Un­sup­port­ive: Nancy stays away from Dar­ren

Ro­man­tic dilemma: Brody has a moral de­ci­sion to make

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