Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Blame! Un­able to see Leo take the blame for his ac­tions, Paul con­fesses to Terese and Amy that he was the one who framed Nick, lead­ing Amy to is­sue an ul­ti­ma­tum – tell the po­lice or she and Jimmy will move out!

Karl gets one of Court­ney’s ‘mas­sages’.

Phone! Hamish has in his pos­ses­sion Rus­sell’s old phone, which the Bren­nan boys have been leav­ing voice­mails on to deal with their grief... What’s he up to? Paul’s re­sent­ment to­wards Gary grows. Karl at­tracts Su­san’s sus­pi­cions...

Sex! Xan­the lets Ben know when she finds out Yashvi is be­hind the ru­mours about the pair hav­ing sex... But the dis­clo­sure back­fires when he doesn’t be­lieve her. Hamish ma­nip­u­lates Aaron and Tyler. Steph sees Paige has feel­ings for Bren­nan.

Ru­mours! Feel­ing be­trayed, Ben turns to drink af­ter Yashvi ad­mits her de­cep­tion…

Toadie and Sonya’s reunion is at risk when they re­act to news about Nell.

Elly thinks Steph is in love with Bren­nan.

Love! Elly ac­cuses Steph of har­bour­ing feel­ings for Bren­nan... Will Steph put her in the pic­ture and tell her that it is in fact Paige who is in love with him? Paul sets out to trap Gary… Nell’s be­hav­iour un­set­tles Toadie…

Week 2

Quit! Paul quits town, but not be­fore he de­clares his love to a vis­i­bly moved Terese. Hamish con­spires with his lover, Louise. Sheila spots a semi-dressed Karl leav­ing Court­ney’s treat­ment room...

Per­sonal! Sheila be­lieves that Court­ney is of­fer­ing ‘per­sonal ser­vices’ to Karl ....

Hamish and Louise dis­cuss their plan to use Tyler’s boat to es­cape the coun­try.

Ad­mit! Paige is forced to ad­mit to Elly that she is still in love with Bren­nan...

Terese is floored when Las­siter’s is down­graded to a three-star ho­tel.

Toadie takes Nell to a psy­chol­o­gist.

Race! Elly and Paige race to find Bren­nan and tell him how they feel. Toadie re­alises he needs ther­apy. Yashvi breaks the law to help Ben.

Win! Elly wins her man when Paige can’t talk to Bren­nan, but the sit­u­a­tion sees the women’s friend­ship break down. Ben gets the blame for Yashvi’s crime. Amy’s plan to dupe Leo is scup­pered.


Af­ter their re­cent love dec­la­ra­tion, some­one is strug­gling with guilt…

A res­i­dent’s ther­a­pist has a se­cret – but who is it and what are they hid­ing?

Hamish con­tin­ues with his plan…

All aboard: As Hamish bonds with Tyler, what ex­actly is he hid­ing? Feel­ing del­i­cate: Sonya and Toadie clash over Nell’s needs Dec­la­ra­tion: Paul con­fesses his love to Terese be­fore leav­ing Spe­cial treat­ment: Happy Karl is spot­ted with Court­ney

Ri­valry: Paige loves Bren­nan but will Elly win his heart first?

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