Home and Away

Soaplife - - 2 weeks Revealed -

Week 1

Out­rage! Robbo’s po­lice checks come up clear and he’s dis­charged from hospi­tal, but Alf is out­raged when he stays on in the Bay. Tori frets that Ma­son may never re­cover. Ash is in dan­ger when Zan­nis cor­ners him and wants a mes­sage sent to Brody and Kat.

Thugs! Ash is beaten by Zan­nis’ thugs, but Kat has lit­tle sympathy.

Ma­son comes round but he can’t feel his legs, so Tori gath­ers Justin and Raffy at the hospi­tal…

Robbo res­cues Raffy from a sex pest.

Drugs! Brody re­fuses a drugs of­fer from Lena, and fi­nally opens up to Justin about the trauma of see­ing his par­ents killed.

Phoebe tells Justin that she has met some­one else and that they’re over.

Coco wit­nesses Ziggy flirt­ing with VJ.

Hands! A phys­i­cal en­counter be­tween Scar­lett and Justin leaves her think­ing he’s on the re­bound from Phoebe... But can they keep their hands off each other? Ziggy keeps a se­cret from her fam­ily... Mar­i­lyn feels pres­surised by John.

Bully! Taunts from school bully Jennifer leads to a bu­limic episode for Coco...

Hunter re­alises Wally hasn’t told his wife about him when she turns up in the Bay.

John and Mar­i­lyn reach an un­der­stand­ing, and de­cide against hav­ing a baby to­gether.

Week 2

Knife! Hunter’s hurt fur­ther when Wally avoids telling his wife, Claire, about his son.

Kat finds a pic­ture of her­self among Robbo’s be­long­ings back at the cove...

Ash tells Tori they can’t be friends.

Test! Doubt­ing his am­ne­sia claim, Kat wants Robbo to take a lie de­tec­tor test… Scar­lett de­cides to tell Justin how she feels. Leah agrees to a date with cus­tomer Nick.

Hate! Blam­ing his brother for his in­juries, Ma­son tells his fam­ily that he hates Brody and never wants to see him again... Scar­lett tells Justin his ac­tions hurt her. Des­per­ate Mag­gie lets Roo take a class…

Re­turn! Brody re­turns from re­hab, but Zan­nis is soon on his trail. Ziggy tells Brody she missed him. Trou­bled Coco’s bu­limia con­tin­ues.

Thugs! Zan­nis and his thugs force Ziggy into their car and drive off with her... Wally of­fers Hunter $50,000 to stay away from him and his wife. Roo be­lieves Raffy could be gifted.

What next?

?T?h?e?fu?t?u?re’s look­ing bright for Raffy ?af?t?e?r?r?o?o?helped re­veal her tal­ents… ?W?il?l?h?u?n?t?e?r ac­cept Wally’s of­fer? ?H?o?w?f?a?r?will Zan­nis and his vi­o­lent ?si?d?e?k?ic?k?s?go in ter­ror­is­ing the lo­cals?

In de­mand: Leah is chat­ted up and agrees to a date with Nick Er­bisitkayti­daetcuis­rieornu:mm,as­gag­pi­ieci­ad­gir­ge­neast­tuor let manoulen­sqqu­uaeli­fivedliqruoaot te­ex­ac­ceh­p­taa­class Con­cerned: Tori com­forts Ma­son, as Justin and Raffy wait for news Seek­ing the...

Men­ac­ing: Zan­nis is on a mis­sion to teach Ash a les­son

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