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Deb­bie needs money, fast… and mystery man Tom has loads of it!

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Deb­bie Din­gle dis­cov­ered the hard way that try­ing to run the car hire busi­ness with her mum, Char­ity, was like try­ing to eat soup from a sieve… it was run­ning away from her.

Deb­bie thought she had a good deal done with new client Gra­ham Foster. But it all went hor­ri­bly wrong when Char­ity in­ter­fered, the Bent­ley went miss­ing and Deb­bie then dis­cov­ered she had a prob­lem with the in­surance…

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Deb­bie’s des­per­ate for some cash. Not usu­ally a prob­lem for a Din­gle, but Deb­bie can’t risk any­thing il­le­gal, not when her chil­dren, Sarah and Jack, need her to take care of them.

Her on-off lover Ross Bar­ton tells her to talk to Char­ity. But Deb­bie has an­other plan, one she thinks is a lot safer.

‘Gra­ham’s rich boss, Tom, wants to meet her and she plans to get the cash from him,’ our Emmerdale in­sider re­veals. ‘But Deb­bie mis­takes the young, hand­some Tom for Gra­ham’s but­ler.’

Awk­ward! But Tom is amused, not of­fended, and he’s clearly at­tracted to Deb­bie. She feels the sex­ual ten­sion be­tween them, too, but that’s not what she’s there for. Can Deb­bie keep their meet­ing all about busi­ness, though?

What next?

‘Deb­bie’s not driven by money but she is am­bi­tious,’ says Charley Webb, who plays the sin­gle mum.

‘And Deb­bie’s a match for Tom,’ adds Emmerdale boss Iain Macleod. ‘That will be­come ap­par­ent as the story un­folds and they’re drawn to each other.’

What will also be­come ap­par­ent is that Ross and Tom are go­ing to clash!

‘They’re not go­ing to like each other. They’re sim­i­lar, ex­cept one was born with a sil­ver spoon in his mouth and one with an oily wrench, so to speak!’ adds Iain.’

So the fight for Deb­bie’s heart is on!

Deb­bie Din­gle’s des­per­ate for cash, on ac­count of the fact she ‘lost’ a Bent­ley that wasn’t in­sured. Hav­ing met new­comer Gra­ham Foster, she knows his boss, Tom Water­house, is loaded and she in­tends to get the money from him by fair means or foul. ‘The busi­ness is go­ing wrong and Deb­bie re­ally needs funds,’ ac­tress Charley Webb tells Soaplife. ‘How­ever, when she meets Tom, it’s not just busi­ness she’s think­ing about. There’s a chem­istry there.’ Per­haps Tom might be wise to lock away his cheque book and run!

So does Deb­bie in­tend to fleece Tom?

She can be crooked, but she isn’t as bad as her mum, Char­ity, who’ll con­nive for what­ever she can get. I like to think Deb­bie’s a bit nicer than that. She’s not nec­es­sar­ily driven by money. She cer­tainly wouldn’t sleep with Tom just for that. There are a few lines in the script where Char­ity im­plies Deb­bie’s just like her and she doesn’t like it one bit.

What hap­pens when Deb­bie meets him?

She ar­ranges to meet Gra­ham at a ho­tel bar and he takes her up to the pent­house suite. Deb­bie has an im­age in her head of what she thinks Tom will be like and it’s to­tally re­moved from the truth. She en­ters and there’s this young, hand­some man in the room dressed in a tux, so she as­sumes he’s the but­ler. He plays along for a bit be­fore re­veal­ing his true iden­tity.

What does Deb­bie make of Tom?

He’s un­like any other char­ac­ter we’ve had in the show and Deb­bie’s in­trigued. There’s def­i­nitely a con­nec­tion there. Some­thing draws her to him, but she doesn’t re­ally know what it is.

And what does Char­ity think of him?

Be­fore she meets Tom, she gets it slightly wrong. Char­ity has a pic­ture of him in her head and she thinks she’ll go for him if Deb­bie isn’t go­ing to! It all goes a bit wrong for her.

What’s it been like work­ing with two brand new mem­bers of the cast?

It’s been re­ally fun. We were film­ing on lo­ca­tion for a lot of the scenes, so it felt re­ally dif­fer­ent. It’s al­ways nice to work with new peo­ple and have fresh en­ergy. I’ve had to dress up smartly for Deb­bie’s busi­ness meet­ings, but it’s been so cold and I’ve been freez­ing. We don’t get much of a sum­mer in Emmerdale vil­lage!

Will Deb­bie tell ex-lover Ross Bar­ton about this hand­some new man in her life?

I don’t think she’s go­ing to be shout­ing about him from the rooftops to start off with. But I don’t know what hap­pens be­yond that…

Should Ross be wor­ried?

Deb­bie al­ways goes with her heart, which is why she was at­tracted to Ross in the first place. Tom is un­like any­one else in the vil­lage. He moves in dif­fer­ent circles and he turns her head.

By Sally Brock­way

Tom likes what he sees in Deb­bie... But what she sees is a way of get­ting some much-needed cash!

Char­ity got in the way of the deal Deb­bie tried to do with Tom’s sec­ond-in-com­mand, Gra­ham

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