Court­ney’s se­cret ser­vice? Neigh­bours

Aussie ac­tress Emma Lane re­veals how Neigh­bours spa queen Court­ney has Karl and Shane des­per­ate for a ses­sion! But it’s not quite what sev­eral lo­cals think it is…

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Dr Karl Kennedy gets more than he bar­gained for when he turns up at Court­ney Grixti’s sa­lon and he ac­cuses her of run­ning a Bo­tox clinic. ‘Court­ney asks him in and she ex­plains that, while she has em­barked on a new line of treat­ments, it’s not Bo­tox,’ ac­tress Emma Lane tells Soaplife. ‘She then in­vites Karl inside to sam­ple these and he hap­pily ac­cepts!’ By the state of blissed-out Karl when he leaves the sa­lon, Court­ney will have some ex­plain­ing to do!

Karl’s ini­tially an­gry with Court­ney! How come she man­ages to talk him round?

Karl’s eas­ily won over by women. Court­ney’s a good lis­tener and Karl loves to talk about him­self. She tells him about her new treat­ment.

Er, which is what ex­actly?!

I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s med­i­ta­tive, restora­tive and def­i­nitely re­lax­ing.

Does Karl spread the word among the other Erins­bor­ough men?

Yes! He’s very en­thu­si­as­tic, but it’s him­self and Shane Re­bec­chi who soon be­come her most reg­u­lar cus­tomers…

Why is Court­ney be­ing so se­cre­tive about these ‘treat­ments’?

It’s not so much Court­ney keep­ing it a se­cret, it’s the per­cep­tion of oth­ers about what is go­ing on that cre­ates this in­trigue. Court­ney’s just be­ing pro­fes­sional and not blab­bing about her clients. Ev­ery­one else reads some­thing neg­a­tive into what’s hap­pen­ing.

Karl and Shane’s wives seem to think Court­ney is giv­ing saucy mas­sages to their men­folk! Are they on the right lines?

Court­ney’s obliv­i­ous to the gos­sip go­ing on around about her. If she knew, she’d def­i­nitely clar­ify things. The mas­sage treat­ment she’s of­fer­ing her gentle­men clients is not at all scan­dalous. Like I say, it’s med­i­ta­tive, restora­tive and very re­lax­ing.

How does she find out that peo­ple are say­ing it’s scan­dalous?

Terese Wil­lis con­fronts Court­ney and she’s com­pletely blind­sided and re­ally hurt by all the ru­mours. She takes what she is do­ing very se­ri­ously and she feels she’s been noth­ing but pro­fes­sional.

What hap­pens next?

Court­ney leaves the sa­lon in dis­gust and, later, Terese re­alises she’s wrongly ac­cused Court­ney and tries to get her to come back. But Court­ney now wants noth­ing to do with Terese or Las­siter’s!

She’s not leav­ing Erins­bor­ough, is she?

Only for a hol­i­day to get away from all the drama. But this is the be­gin­ning of a whole other story: she catches up with Paul Robin­son in the air­port lounge and he has a plan.

Will she try and get her own back for her rep­u­ta­tion be­ing slurred?

Court­ney’s not a vin­dic­tive per­son. But Terese did un­justly dam­age her rep­u­ta­tion, so she may have some­thing planned. Watch this space…

By Ali­son James

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