Whit­ney’s in dan­ger from Fi Eastenders

Fi is a wrong ‘un… and it looks like whit­ney knows it! is she in dan­ger?

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Charm­ing blonde Fi Brown­ing looks like but­ter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. The truth is, it would cur­dle…

Fi’s the en­emy within the walls of The Queen Vic, work­ing for com­pany Grafton Hill, who now own the free­hold to the pub and, so, own Mick and Linda Carter. The Carters were stitched up by venge­ful Max Bran­ning, Fi’s se­cret lover, and Fi’s mis­sion, we think, is to de­stroy their busi­ness. She’s as cold as the ice in a G&T, even en­cour­ag­ing Max to sleep with Carmel Kazemi so they can find out who they need to win over in the coun­cil plan­ning depart­ment.

Can any­one stop her?

this fort­night

Af­ter re­cent ex­plo­sive events in Al­bert Square, what the res­i­dents re­ally need is a pe­riod of calm and the re­as­sur­ing re­treat of their lo­cal pub.

What they get, though, is Fi, fizzing with good cheer and keen to use their tragedy to make pub own­ers Grafton Hill look like the good guys… But doubt­ful Whit­ney Carter is watch­ing her closely.

‘Fi ar­ranges for a gen­er­ous cham­pagne re­cep­tion to be put on at The Vic to show Grafton Hill’s sup­port for the com­mu­nity,’ our Eastenders in­sider tells us.

What she’s re­ally try­ing to do, though, is pre­tend that the nasty big cor­po­ra­tion re­ally does care about the lit­tle peo­ple.

‘But Whit­ney grows sus­pi­cious of Fi’s in­ten­tions,’ adds our source.

At last, there’s some­one who is see­ing Fi for the ma­nip­u­la­tive witch she re­ally is! But even if Whit­ney does re­alise ex­actly what Fi is up to, can she stop her?

Alone, Fi makes a sus­pi­cious call… Has she re­alised Whit­ney is on to her? Is she call­ing Max to sort out her ‘Whit­ney prob­lem’... on a per­ma­nent ba­sis?

What next?

Watch out, Whit! Fi and Max can’t af­ford to let Whit­ney get in the way of their plans to bull­doze Al­bert Square – and the lives of the peo­ple liv­ing there. But the Whit­ney of old, be­fore Lee Carter dragged her down, that Whit­ney could just be clever enough to stop them!

Should Whit­ney be wor­ried when Fi makes a sus­pi­cious call?

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