Tragedy rocks the Tay­lors Eastenders

Baby Ber­nadette in The wake of her The fam­ily rally round To sup­port made mat­ters worse? Trauma. BUT have Karen and Kee­gan

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Karen Taylor and her bonkers brood have cer­tainly made an im­pres­sion since they landed in the Square in June. But it hasn’t al­ways been a good one, thanks to Karen’s in­abil­ity to keep her mouth shut.

The news that daugh­ter Ber­nadette was preg­nant showed a softer side to the brassy mum, though. Then tragedy struck as Ber­nadette suf­fered a mis­car­riage…

this fort­night

School­girl Ber­nadette was look­ing for­ward to be­com­ing a mum, de­spite the ter­ror felt by the baby’s fa­ther, Cal­lum. But the loss leaves her distraught and the rest of the Taylor clan dev­as­tated.

‘Ber­nadette strug­gles to come to terms with what’s hap­pened,’ re­veals our in­sider at Eastenders. ‘And she begs her mum to let her go to the hospi­tal so she can say a proper good­bye to the child she’ll never know.’ But con­cerned Karen has other ideas. ‘Wor­ried about how that re­al­ity may af­fect her daugh­ter, Karen de­cides to visit the baby her­self,’ says our source. ‘And she goes on her own, which makes an al­ready emo­tion­ally wrought Ber­nadette more an­gry…’

Ber­nadette does even­tu­ally go to the hospi­tal. But what she dis­cov­ers there leaves her in pieces.

Was Karen right af­ter all? Is the prospect of say­ing good­bye to her baby more than the 15-year-old can bear? Or has some­thing else hap­pened? We can’t say, but it causes a se­ri­ous rift. Bizarrely, it’s Karen’s new ally, Shirley Carter, who comes up with an idea to as­sist Karen in help­ing the distraught teenager grieve and move on.

Our in­sider adds: ‘But that plan hits prob­lems when Karen and sons Kee­gan Baker and Keanu head to the al­lot­ments to meet Ber­nadette. Their sweet scheme is to pay tribute to the baby.

‘Once they get there, though, they run into Cal­lum and soon re­alise he’s the baby’s dad.’

We can’t re­veal what hap­pens. But with emo­tions raw and Karen and Kee­gan the pos­ses­sors of the short­est fuses in soa­p­land, the sit­u­a­tion has the po­ten­tial to turn ex­plo­sive. But is that the best thing for Ber­nadette?

What next?

Later, back at No.23, twins Chatham and Ri­ley come home and ‘the fam­ily is re­united’.

But is that in a phys­i­cal sense and an emo­tional one? Has Karen healed the rift and brought the fraught fam­ily to­gether, prov­ing she’s the car­ing mum she al­ways claims to be, who’ll take a bul­let for her kids?

Or have her ac­tions en­sured the rift be­tween her and her daugh­ter has ex­panded into a chasm?

We’re hop­ing this tragedy unites the feud­ing fam­ily and they can move on with their lives. But with a sob­bing Karen col­laps­ing in Shirley’s arms, we fear there’s more trou­ble ahead…

Heart­break: Car­ing Karen and Keanu are there for dev­as­tated Ber­nadette...

Tears! Karen needs sup­port from new best pal Shirley... Is yet more trou­ble ahead? Distraught! Ber­nadette’s re­turn from the hospi­tal sees her fu­ri­ous at Karen

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