Adam hopes for a reunion Emmerdale

Adam’s wor­ried About his eye­sight but he hopes he sees A fu­ture for him And Vic­to­ria!

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Adam Bar­ton is of­ten way too ma­cho for the 21st Cen­tury. He is not ev­ery woman’s dream bloke, but that’s okay with him, as he just wants to be wife Vic­to­ria’s main man.

Adam blew their mar­riage apart, though, af­ter he found out he couldn’t give Vic­to­ria the baby she longed for and, in a drunken sulk, he kissed Vanessa Wood­field. The same Vanessa he slept with once, when Vic­to­ria had said ‘No’ in re­ply to his mar­riage pro­posal. Vic­to­ria even­tu­ally for­gave him for the kiss, but this time she’s in­sisted they’re fin­ished as man and wife and can just be friends.

So Vic­to­ria was there as a mate to patch up Adam af­ter he took a bru­tal bash­ing from drug dealer and ex-con Ja­son, who tor­mented Aaron Din­gle.

this fort­night

Adam and Vic­to­ria are get­ting on well and they’re closer than they have been in a long time…

But Adam ap­pears to be see­ing signs of a fu­ture to­gether for them – a fu­ture that Vic­to­ria has yet to catch sight of…

Is it be­cause there is ac­tu­ally some­thing wrong with Adam’s eye­sight?

Adam still sees a fu­ture with Vic­to­ria – but maybe not for much longer…

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