Grace’s wed­ding re­venge Hol­lyoaks

si­enna’s sin­is­ter daugh­ter ru­ined time grace’s big day, so it’s pay­back to wed! when si­enna and war­ren plan ta­mara wall re­veals all…

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Si­enna Blake and War­ren Fox’s wed­ding day is fastap­proach­ing. But there’s lit­tle chance of a happy end­ing with Grace Black on the warpath. ‘Si­enna’s daugh­ter, Nico, ru­ined Grace’s wed­ding day,’ Ta­mara Wall tells Soaplife. ‘So Grace will do any­thing she can to wreck Si­enna’s big day. She thinks she loves War­ren.’ Will any­one emerge un­scathed from this toxic tri­an­gle?

What does Grace like about War­ren?

He’s a bit dodgy, he’s good-look­ing and he’s en­gaged to Si­enna. Per­fect! At the be­gin­ning, it was all a bit of a laugh, but she’s fallen for him big-style!

How does she feel about War­ren’s im­pend­ing wed­ding day?

She didn’t think it was go­ing to hap­pen. Then he sud­denly said, ‘I’m mar­ry­ing Si­enna!’ She’s still in shock over it.

Why does she tell her mum, Tracey Dono­van, about it?

They’ve made up and she needs to tell some­one and let it all out. Tracey urges her to fight for her man. She’s like, ‘Get your heels on and go get him!’

How does Grace plan to ‘get him’?

She thinks if she dresses up, puts on some make-up and goes to find him alone, she can say, ‘Why would you want to be with Si­enna? She’s bor­ing!’ Then War­ren will change his mind. She plans to say, ‘I’m not mess­ing about. I love you. Come on…’

Does the plan work?

You’ll have to wait and see!

What makes Grace sus­pect Si­enna is up to some­thing?

She speaks to Si­enna and Kim But­ter­field about a wed­ding dress fit­ting, but they both have dif­fer­ent sto­ries, so Grace knows one of them is ly­ing. She won­ders if, per­haps, Si­enna plans to take the twins away from War­ren. Any­way, she thinks she has some­thing on Si­enna.

Does she re­alise how ill Si­enna is?

She ob­vi­ously knows she’s ill, but she doesn’t think she’s dy­ing or any­thing like that. She was the one who tried to per­suade her to have the op­er­a­tion, so she’d feel bad if she died. De­spite ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened be­tween them, Grace does have a heart.

Will Grace stop the wed­ding?

There’s no way that she can stand back qui­etly and let Si­enna have a happy end­ing. She’s ca­pa­ble of go­ing to ex­treme lengths to stop this wed­ding, too. Let’s just say things get very dra­matic!

Can you see Grace and War­ren liv­ing hap­pily ever af­ter?

If Si­enna wasn’t in the pic­ture, Grace would prob­a­bly get bored quite quickly. Wouldn’t it be bril­liant if she ru­ins ev­ery­thing, ends up with War­ren, then re­alises she doesn’t want him af­ter all?

Who do you think view­ers would like to see her with?

The fans seem to love Grace and War­ren to­gether, but, ob­vi­ously, there are those who side with Si­enna. I’m re­ally en­joy­ing it. I love work­ing with Si­enna ac­tress Anna Passey and War­ren ac­tor Jamie Lo­mas. Jamie’s a night­mare on set. He likes to have a laugh. He of­ten makes me gig­gle on pur­pose and he’ll ad-lib and come out with lines that aren’t in the script.

By Sally Brock­way

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