Peter and Toyah’s deal is off Corrie

peter and toyah’s baby blues con­tinue as their sur­ro­gate mum says ‘no’!

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Peter Bar­low and Toyah Bat­tersby’s love story is a messy one… Peter’s con­stantly fight­ing his al­co­hol and gam­bling demons, and he’s wanted a drink more than once dur­ing his time with des­per­ate-to-be-a-mum Toyah, and the toll and cost of their IVF treat­ment.

A shed­load of money and a river of tears later, Toyah wasn’t preg­nant and she had to ac­cept that IVF wasn’t go­ing to be the an­swer to her baby prayer.

Her new life with Peter as land­lady and land­lord of the Rovers Re­turn helped ease her pain. But Toyah still wanted a baby and they turned to sur­ro­gacy.

this fort­night

Peter and Toyah have found a sur­ro­gate mother for the baby Toyah dreams of hav­ing… but she may not be around for long!

His­tory comes back to bite them, hard, when they throw a brew­ery party in the Rovers. The cel­e­bra­tions are in full swing when Jac­qui, the sur­ro­gate, turns up for a meet­ing with Peter and Toyah and ev­ery­thing starts to go hor­ri­bly wrong for them, right in front of the woman they want to have their baby.

‘Jon from the brew­ery dis­cov­ers Peter is an al­co­holic,’ re­veals our Corrie source

He makes so much noise about this reve­la­tion that Jac­qui hears ev­ery­thing and she’s deeply unim­pressed.

And we can see why be­ing a sur­ro­gate for an al­co­holic would raise some red flags. Just think how Jac­qui would re­act if she also knew about how Peter has come and gone from his son Si­mon Bar­low’s life. She’d be gone faster than Peter could say ‘Give us a drink’ – if he had fallen off the wagon. And the way things are go­ing, he just might!

As it is, Jac­qui takes off, with Toyah go­ing af­ter her, beg­ging for a fair hear­ing. Will Jac­qui lis­ten, though?

What next?

‘Toyah be­lieves that she and Peter can be a proper fam­ily,’ says Ge­or­gia Taylor, who plays the wannabe mum. ‘They have a lot to of­fer a child.’

But can they con­vince Jac­qui of that? Or should they look closer to home for some­one else to have their baby?

Boss man Jon isn’t im­pressed to hear that Peter is an al­co­holic! And he’s not the only one shocked by the news… Toyah’s to­tally dev­as­tated when sur­ro­gate mum Jac­qui walks out on their pro­posed ar­range­ment!

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