Andy’s bid for free­dom Corrie

A des­per­ate Andy seizes his chance to es­cape Phe­lan’s clutches, re­veals Oliver Farn­worth...

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Andy Carver’s been banged up in a cel­lar for eight months now. But when his cap­tor, evil Pat Phe­lan, de­cides to move him to France and set him free, the op­por­tu­nity un­ex­pect­edly arises for him to do a run­ner be­fore they even get there. ‘They’re on their way when the van Phe­lan’s driv­ing crashes,’ ac­tor Oliver Farn­worth tells Soaplife. ‘Andy’s tied up in the back and, the next thing he knows, he’s fly­ing all over the place. Us­ing ev­ery last bit of strength he has left, he man­ages to kick the door open.’ And, al­though Phe­lan’s promised Andy his free­dom, he de­cides to make a run for it…

Doesn’t Phe­lan try to stop him?

Phe­lan seems to be un­con­scious. Andy learns this when he es­capes from his ties and, once out of the van, he runs straight round to the driver’s cab to check on him.

Does Andy im­me­di­ately take off?

No. He makes as if to call an am­bu­lance. His first feel­ing is com­pas­sion for Phe­lan. How­ever, it quickly dawns on him this is his big chance and he thinks about what Phe­lan’s put him through over the last eight months and he has a com­plete change of heart. Andy puts the phone down – and he runs for his life!

What’s go­ing through Andy’s mind?

He’s very dis­ori­en­tated and he doesn’t have a plan. He’s also weak af­ter months of barely even walk­ing, he’s on un­fa­mil­iar ter­rain, he’s been very ill and he’s highly sen­si­tive to light. He’s just run­ning wildly through the woods in the hope he’ll find some­one who can make the call for help.

Was it ex­cit­ing film­ing the stunt where the van crashes?

The van was al­ready nicely crashed for us in the woods, then I spent the whole morn­ing throw­ing my­self around the Corrie stu­dios in the back of Phe­lan’s van!

If you were a bet­ting man, would you put money on Andy sur­viv­ing this?

I’m sure I wouldn’t be al­lowed to put a bet on that for eth­i­cal rea­sons! But let’s just say Andy gives it his all and things get… very in­ter­est­ing.

If Andy makes it out alive, could he ever for­give Phe­lan for hold­ing him cap­tive in a cel­lar for eight months?

Andy would be more in­ter­ested in never see­ing Pat Phe­lan again rather than any sort of re­venge. Andy’s main goal at the mo­ment is to get as far away from the guy as pos­si­ble, hope­fully track down his girl­friend, Steph Brit­ton – and dis­ap­pear!

What reaction have you had from fans since we found out Andy was alive?

Peo­ple shout stuff like, ‘He’s let you out then?’ I say ‘Yes – just pick­ing up some lunch, then I’ll go and chain my­self back up again.’ The re­sponse from the au­di­ence has been over­whelm­ing, truly great!

By Ali­son James

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